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    So I’m new at this so be patient please. I have a simple network. I have two applications that use a database. One uses Microsoft SQL and the other MySQL. They run on completely different computers. They are completely different servers. Friday night a client PC got an exception error that it couldn’t connect to the MySQL sever. After a server reboot it connected and has been fine since. Saturday night a client that connects to the MicrosoftSQL server got an ODBC error about connecting to the server. There have been no changes since last week on either application or on any PC’s other then the recent Windows 10 21H1 update. I can find no where that anyone has reported SQL issues because of the latest update. Does anyone have any suggestions for me to try other then rolling back all the computers to previous build?

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      So just the 21h1 feature update was installed?  Anything specifically in the event log?

      (and as a note – I’m going to see if I can move you over to the database section of the forum rather than the getting started with the forum section)

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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        Hello and thank you so much for the reply. So we are only open thursday-saturday and up until this week no problem what-so-ever. I did the Windows updates Wednesday and also a Malware bytes upgrade on the MySQL server PC and the MySQL client PC. The Microsoft SQL server PC does not have malware bytes.  We had no issues at all on thursday with either but it was very very slow so not a lot of action in the databases.  On Friday we had no issues with the Microsft SQL application but multiple issues with the MySQL application and the exception errors saying it couldn’t connect to database. After Friday’s disaster i uninstalled Malware byes completely just in case that could be the culprit. On Saturday we had multiple issues with the Microsoft SQL clients also not finding the database but no issues with the MySQL client.


        Any suggestions other then the uninstall of the windows Updates? I don’t even know who to call and pay for any help. I’ve been maintaining the network and PC’s in this business for over 15 years and this is the first time I’ve not been able to fix issues.

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          Before removing, I’d reboot one more time.  I know that I have had a time or two when a mere reboot fixed it up.

          Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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      Also. Event Viewer has no reference to any issues with SQL, drivers, or hardware.

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      Have you checked the event logs on all machines?

      Have you checked for networking entries in the event logs?

      Have you rebooted the router?

      Sounds like the machines hosting the databases are running W10 and not Windows Server. Is that correct?


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      So it turns out it was two separate issues. On the MySQL machine I uninstalled malware bytes and the 21h1 update and it’s fine. I’ll redo the update and run it and see. On the MicrosftSQL machine I was given half the information and all it was was a bad hard drive on the server and slowing down and then disconneting the clients so they got an SQL error.

      Thanks so much. Only took 12 hours to figure it all out.

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