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    Just Recently I’ve noticed that my status bar is, by default, off when I start up. If I spawn additional windows, the same applies. In all cases I can activate the bar in the menu. I don’t recall when this started, because it didn’t used to be this way. IE 5.5, Win 95 OSR 2

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      Spawned windows tend to be clones of the mother window.
      Try turning on the Status Bar and then resizing the main window before closing – getting IE to remember its last state can be a black art.

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      Thanks for getting the thought process going.
      It appears that when I have a copy open, activate the status bar, then close, it sticks.
      When I open in a new window by :”open in new window”, or “shift” click on link, the duplicate window has the status bar.
      If, however, I spawn a duplicate window, with “Ctrl N”. that window has no status bar. I guess if that is the last window to be closed, IE saves that non-status bar setting.
      I do this frequently, so I wonder how to get the duplicate window with the bar

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        Hi r.beck:

        I get the same thing. In fact, for a long time I couldn’t get the status bar to stick, no matter what. I even went to the registry & edited it. Finally, it corrected itself on its own (yes, I hate that). However, although using shift+link or right clicking & opening in a new window will preserve the status bar, Ctrl+N won’t. I just think it’s a bug in IE5.5.

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