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  • Status of April Updates?

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     The Surfing Pensioner 9 months ago.

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      Where are we as respects the 1709 April Update KB4093112?

      Susan shows OK to update (noting pen issue).

      Seems lately the Win 7 updates dominate the monthly issues.

      May be time to separate Win 10 update/issues from Win 7 upate issues. It is getting very cumbersome and confusing trying to find out about one from the other. Perhaps 2 separate postings?

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      AskWoody Plus

      Win10 (all versions) as well as Win7/8.1 are covered by the DEFCON system. A few months ago the Win7 users were complaining because they were being neglected in favor of all the Win10 1709 problems. Now it is the Win7 users having all the problems.

      Susan is the expert in patch application. But even she says in her recent post:

      To me all this unfortunately reinforces that you are wise to hold back a bit in installing updates.

      Woody’s recommendations at the time of the DEFCON change cover all the bases – Win7/8.1/10. Sometimes it’s a good idea to WAIT.

      (Incidentally, I did read somewhere today that versions of Win10 may be experiencing the reinstallation problem as well as Win7.)

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      PK thanks, but I have been waiting and waiting since February – almost 2 months with no monthly updates!!
      Realize not you or Woody’s fault, but surely Win 7 and Win 10 (versions) don’t track each other every month as respects when they are ready to install. Therefore the idea that they start to be handled as separate tracks – maybe?
      Also, Susan’s Patch List shows Win 10 1709 as OK to install. If by her later commentary buried somewhere in a response, she changed her mind, she should change her Patch List recommendation.
      We cant be expected to read every monthly entry and all commentary to determine what to do.
      Somehow this situation needs to be simplified into groupings.
      Sorry but I am getting worn out spending way too much time on update madness!

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        AskWoody Plus

        Good luck – you’ll need it.

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          The Surfing Pensioner
          AskWoody Plus

          Is there a name for the anxiety some people seem to experience when they are advised to postpone updating? Personally, I relish every day’s grace.

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            AskWoody Lounger

            “If you can keep your wits in this confusion, you don’t understand the situation”

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        AskWoody Plus

        Please check MS-DEFCON at the top of the website. It is an immediate summation of update safety. If you are unclear on number designation and require an explanation, read: MS-DEFCON System also at the top of the website.

        MS-DEFCON designation forestalls reading every comment in every thread.

        Group G{ot backup} Win7 · x64 · SP1 · i3-3220 · TestBeta
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      If it were just that easy.

      Review the fiasco regarding March updates – a very tentative go ahead for Win 7.

      Then I you didn’t read/follow what many posters did and order of direction, you would have been sunk.  In the end by viewing others problems each person could make their own decisions.  Many – not to update!

      So yes one does have to read many many of the posts and comments made.

      Many times like my reference above, Woody and Susan don’t even agree as to the current status.

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        The Surfing Pensioner
        AskWoody Plus

        Woody spelled out the difference in their respective approaches as far back as 19/6/16:

        “The MS-DEFCON system is intended to apply to people who don’t want to sweat the details. I give people a blanket go-ahead when the coast seems clear. Recently, it’s gotten considerably more difficult to come up with a simple answer to an increasingly difficult question.

        If you want a detailed list of each KB (there are more than a hundred each month nowadays, and sometimes 200), and whether it’s safe to install, I suggest you subscribe to Windows Secrets Newsletter and follow Susan Bradley’s advice.”

        – Personally, I’m glad these two experts aren’t always unanimous, or I’d suspect there was collusion going on! The whole idea of this forum is for computer-users to swop notes and on that basis each decide the best way forward for themselves individually. There can be no one-size-fits all: every PC is as unique as its operator.

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      AskWoody MVP

      Your original question was about the status of April patches for W10. PKCano and others answered… we are waiting for DEFCON to change. They didn’t say, but based on patching excitement in 2018, that may be just before May Patch Tuesday, two weeks or so from now.

      You then complain that you haven’t updated since February. Woody’s instructions for W10, on April 6th, when he changed to DEFCON 3 (see MS-DEFCON 3: Win10 customers should install March updates, but Win7 victims have some soul searching and the ComputerWorld article linked within it, Get the March patches for your Windows machines installed, but watch out for Win7), clearly stated, “Go ahead and install all outstanding Win10 patches.” So, if you were following the DEFCON system of patching, you would be updated through March, on your W10 system.

      You may have confused the recommendations and options for Windows 7 and 8.1, with W10, and decided not to patch, but that wasn’t what Woody recommended.

      To summarize, W10 was clear to patch through March. April patches are still being tested. Susan reports their current known status on her Master Patch List, but the actual DEFCON level for April patches is at 2, “Patch reliability is unclear. Unless you have an immediate, pressing need to install a specific patch, don’t do it.”

      If you have an immediate, pressing need to install a specific patch, Susan’s Master Patch List may be of help in making that decision, otherwise, what is unclear about, “don’t do it”?

      Win 7 Home, 64 bit, Group B

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