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    I am trying to defrag a big disk that will take awhile to defrag. However, even though I have the Power settings set to “Never” sleep, hibernate, etc., and I even have the Screen saver set to come on only after 3000 minutes — I still get my computer going to “sleep” and not finishing the task!

    There must be a simple solution that I am overlooking. Where else do I tell my computer not to go to sleep? BIOS? Thanks.

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      Is “Enable Hibernation” unchecked on the Hibernate tab ??

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        Yes. Hibernation is not enabled. And when I come back to the box, my selected/assigned screen saver is not what I see. Instead I see the generic/default WindowsXP icon floating around the screen. And my user has been logged off, so that if I hit a key or move the mouse I am taking back to the XP log on screen where you select the user. And if I log back on as me, the Defrag utility is not running. Everything has been shut down.

        Weird. I don’t get it. Where else is power management controlled?

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          In my XP Control Panel I have an app for the Intel Network Pro card that’s in this machine. It has a power saving setting that is not active. Do you have such an animal?

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          See How to set logoff policy : xp, logoff, log, off. NOTE: just scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the solution. Don’t click on any offer.

          Also, see How To Force Users to Quit Programs and Log Off After a Period of Inactivity in Windows XP. Do you have this scheduled?



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            I don’t believe I have “winexit.scr” running, but I will double check (it is my home box).

            Is there anyway you can post a summary of the result from Experts Exchange? I really don’t want to give my credit card information for a free 7-day trial. And with the number of adds on the page, why are they charging? If you don’t feel right paraphrasing their answer, I will understand.

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              First dump your Temporary Internet cookies (the Experts Exchange one in particular) and then follow the first link on this Google search and scroll down the page. You will get to the accepted solution after all the grey boxes.

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              With Experts Exchange it is important to just scroll to the bottom of the page (and skip all the nonsense) to see the complete thread.



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              Normally that’s true Joe. But for some reason, your link leads to a short page that doesn’t have the solution listed.

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              Hmmm. It didn’t when I first looked at it. shrug Wonder what happened. confused

              BTW, the link I posted is the same as the link you referenced in the Google search. When I follow the link from the Google search I see the whole thread. Even more confused3.



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              I know what you mean. That used to happen with Expert’s Exchange if you had their cookie on your system, hence the reason for my post to R2. But that doesn’t seem to be the case here. shrug

              Very confusing. confused

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              I think it always works that way. Direct links to Experts Exchange result in a truncated thread in which all relevant content is hidden; links from Google result in a complete thread (but you have to scroll all the way down).

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              To all: THANK YOU!

              Joe, you had it pegged. Well – DUH! – I did have “winexit.scr” running from Scheduled Tasks. I now remember installing it many years ago just to guarantee my computer would log out if I left the house. I did not want my young kids inadvertently erasing important files while I was away. Years have passed and I never thought about it again — until Joe gave me that link! I would probably still be scratching my head if it wasn’t for that. I appreciate the advice.


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              Glad you found it. Thanks for posting back.



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