• Strange behaviour in gpedit


    Windows 10 Pro, 21H2. Yesterday, I used the following path in gpedit:

    Computer Configuration > Administrator Templates > Windows Components > Store

    to set the policy “Turn off Automatic Download and Install of updates” to “Enabled”. A little later, I ran gpedit again to check what I had done. To my surprise, I discovered that, in the same path, the policy “Turn off Automatic Download of updates on Win8 machines” had also been enabled. (As an aside, the relevance of this policy on a Windows 10 system baffles me!)

    I tried setting the Win8 policy back to “Not configured”, coming out of gpedit, and then going back in to gpedit again to check what had happened. I discovered that both policies were now “Not configured”. It appears that you can’t set one policy without setting the other.

    Does anyone know why this occurs? Is it a defect? Or is it like this by design? Or is it a developer expediency by having two policies feeding off the same registry key? Or what?

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      It’s not just your PC, I tested it on my Win10 21H2 and they’re definitively “tied together” as if it was just a single setting.

      Not sure why they’d have two separate policy settings if they always act as one.

      Maybe two completely different MS developers designed them and didn’t realize they used the same entry point in the registry

      Makes you wonder if maybe there are other Group Policies that are also tied together like this?

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      to set the policy “Turn off Automatic Download and Install of updates” to “Enabled”.

      I have Windows 10 21H2 and I don’t have that policy in gpedit/store. I have the setting “turn off the offer to update to the latest version of Windows”. I don’t have it configured because I use Winaero to control Windows Updates.

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      I think all the options under “Store” are for the Microsoft Store.

      The “Windows Update” entry is used to control updates.


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