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    I THINK this started when I installed IE8 on my XP partition. ( I haven’t noticed them in my Vista or Win7 partitions )
    On this XP partition I have IE8, OE6, SP3 and all updates.

    I have noticed that in my TEMP folder, there are large numbers of files being created that are named WBKxxx.tmp. The xxx being assorted numbers like 1a3, etc. They vary in size from zero bytes to a few hundred bytes. I can delete them just by selecting and hitting delete.
    So the problem is not that I can’t delete them but WHY are they being created in the first place?

    Googling around for wbk###.tmp gets lots of hits but I haven’t yet found the answer as to WHY and WHAT is creating them and HOW do I prevent them? These files were never created in the past. Most hits mention that Outlook Express is creating them for whatever reason.

    Thoughts or solutions?

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      From what I understand, OE has always created these temporary files, but it used to delete them when the program was closed under IE7 and before. Apparently this doesn’t happen any more under IE8, and there doesn’t seem to be a fix yet.
      So your choices are
      – Wait and see if a fix will be released.
      – Clean out the Temp folder regularly.
      – Switch to another mail client, e.g. Windows Live Mail.

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        – Switch to another mail client, e.g. Windows Live Mail.

        Thanks, Hans.
        I’ll try Win Live Mail for a while on the XP partition. See what happens.

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