• Suggestions to back up Ubuntu image and Firefox settings to external HD or cloud?

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    Just finished setting up
    Ubuntu 12.04 and
    Firefox 28
    with all the addons I need to work with!.

    The whole OS and browser environment
    is just the way I want & need it
    to work…


    Any Ubuntu pgm/utility suggestions
    to easily back up
    a) the Ubuntu image
    b) FF 28 settings/addons I use

    to an external HD or Cloud ie Dropbox?

    (so that if my HD fails,
    I can quickly & easily restore my OS and FF environment.
    with all my settings…).

    thks! 🙂

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      FEBE for FF


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        Thanks Wavy!.

        Backed up my FF 28
        with FEBE version 8 , as you suggested.

        The backup was quick and finished ok.
        The target dir was my dropbox folder.

        The latest v. 8 is available directly
        at the FEBE author’s site:
        http://softwarebychuck.com/febe/febe.html ).

        I used the FEBE Option:
        backup “Both” (Addons & FF Profile).

        Hope that the “Restore” (if I ever need it…),
        will also work ok.
        Not going to test “Restore” now… :rolleyes:

        Anybody has done a successful “Restore with FEBE v.8?

        any suggestions
        on also saving my Ubuntu 12.04 environment / image[/B]
        to an external HD?

        To quickly restore my Ubuntu working environment,
        in case my main HD fails…

        I did use Ubuntu’s included pgm:
        but it seems to only
        back up user data, files, etc,
        not an image of the entire Ubuntu environment.

        So, in case of restoring the HD,
        all programs and executables
        would have have to be manually re-installed again,

        Any suggestions most welcome!

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      I have used remastersys for several years to make an image – in my case from Mint 12 to Mint 16. I first used it on Ubuntu but have not used Ubuntu recently.

      remastersys can be found in the Synaptic. You will need both packages. NB. I believe the development of the package has changed recetly. remastersys writes the image to home/remastersys

      In my case I have little data in my home. It takes about 16 minutes to make the image and about five minutes to copy to a usb and then test the image. It takes about 15 minutes to restore the image.


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        Apparently, Remastersys
        no longer an available backup solution.

        It has been removed
        by its author – see:

        I’m trying out, instead:
        Redo Backup

        Redo Backup seems to be dead-simple to use
        as an HD image backup solution…

        And that’s what I need, really.

        What I wonder is:

        if my Motherboard dies
        and I need to restore the image
        (which I made previously),
        to a completely new PC,
        will the HD image Restore work ok?
        (I know, an inocent question…).

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      Do Acronis, Macrium and the other well known imaging software not work with Linux?

      I ask as I am contemplating experimenting with Linux.

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      Yiou are correct that remastersys has been discontinued but see http://sourceforge.net/projects/os4systemimage/files/Remastersys%203.0.4-2/ where you can downlod the latest version. remastersys can be found in the Mint Repositiory and that is the easiest way to install it.


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