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    Credit: MS exec Shilpa Ranganathan Yes, the Surface Duo should arrive shortly. No, I’m not the least bit interested. I don’t know anybody who’s going
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      Actually, I am interested. It might have what’s good about MS – innovation, and it might lack what’s bad about MS – WinX version 1-13. Functionality & privacy are the performance points for me. I like a bit of a tablet with phone capabilities. Don’t mind the split screen – I think (Wait until I get one in my hands to test drive. Now where is that MS store?). Hinges? Who cares. Borders around the screen – Meh!

      I want functionality without the creepy spied-on feeling. And since this isn’t a computer, I’ll be looking for tablet and phone functionality.

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      How can you get an Android device without being ‘creepy spied-on’ ?



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        Yeah, I understand the creepy spied on thing. As near as I can tell there are no platforms out there without the Creepy spied on feeling. Pick your poison?

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          There’s Pinephone or the Purism phone.

          Personally, I just choose the easier way… no smart phone or tablet. People got by for a whole lotta years (self included) without one… no reason to think it can’t be done now.

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      When MSFT struggle to update their OWN Operating System on EXISTING proprietary hardware,
      I don’t have much faith in this gimmick. They’ll only break it with future updates 🙁

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      Color me interested, but only if it has a stylus.  I hate these new borderless phones anyway.  How are you supposed to put a case on it or hold it without accidentally touching the edge?  I like as much screen real estate as I can get.  Looking forward to this one.

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      I’m assuming that the picture has the Surface Duo shown smaller than it really is, but these days, with the prevalence of tiny “laptops” and “notebooks”, I’m not sure.  Do they give you a magnifying glass with it?

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      I’d like to see this form factor in an eInk ebook reader – open it like a book and see two pages at once.  In a phone,  I’m not sure, and after reading about the Surface(s) problems here on Askwoody, I don’t think I’d trust any physical tech from Microsoft besides a mouse.

      BUT, I would like this to succeed enough to lead to that two-page ebook reader.

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      I rarely use my tablet outside of my bedroom for reading.  A dual-screen phone could fix that problem for me and replace two devices (my “phablet” phone and my actual tablet).  My phone isn’t bad for reading, but for books I’d prefer something closer to a 7″.

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