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    I’m seeing more and more reports of borked SP3 and SP4 Type Cover keyboards, likely linked to last month’s firmware/driver updates Post coming in Comp
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      This is why I still like old school notebooks and PC desktops. I have laptops that are 6 plus years old and still working as good as the day I bought them. Yes, a bit slow compared to today’s hardware. But still working as intended. I also find that anything wireless is nowhere near as reliable as anything wired. These Surface keyboards have been fickle from the start but I have experienced similar issues with any detachable keyboard system. What I don’t understand is why Microsoft can’t fix their own d**n products better then they do?

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      Here’s are great USnews article on the Consumer Reports findings. https://www.usnews.com/news/top-news/articles/2017-08-10/microsoft-surface-devices-fail-on-reliability-consumer-reports  I’ve read other findings that support this in general Microsoft Surface devices are at the bottom of other reliability and support surveys.  Hardly the Apple Macbook killers Microsoft had marketed against in the beginning.

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      Well Microsoft after all has had a very checkered history in the consumer product segment. The company has never displayed an aptitude or willingness to provide consumers with the support and service the segment demands and deserves.

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      Likely, the unreliability of Surface devices is because most of them have been configured by M$ with the “Connected Standby” feature, which is like mobile smartphones, eg able to pre-fetch emails from the Internet even after being switched off.

      Computers with “Connected Standby” are prohibited by M$ from having the Legacy BIOS/CSM setting = must use UEFI mode for booting an OS/software.

      With the release of Windows 8 in October 2012, Microsoft’s certification requirements now require that computers include firmware that implements the UEFI specification. Furthermore, if the computer supports the “Connected Standby” feature of Windows 8 (which allows devices to have power management comparable to smartphones, with an almost instantaneous return from standby mode), then the firmware is not permitted to contain a Compatibility Support Module (CSM). As such, systems that support Connected Standby are incapable of booting Legacy BIOS operating systems.


      If Secure Boot also cannot be disabled for whatever reason, such computers will likely only be able to install Win 10/8.1 = under M$’s full control.

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      Thank goodness I found somebody sensible for this because Microsoft does not care. I have 2 type cover and after an update they do not work anymore. I already did everything and only 2 times I managed to make it work. I do not know what to do.

      I need help – I have a SP3 PRO

      PS https://youtu.be/FjjMnw4iaUI

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        I am having the same issue with my surface pro 3 type cover. One day it worked perfectly(about a week and a half ago, now). I went through all of the suggested trouble shooting suggestions. I finally called Microsoft a week ago for supper. I have completely wiped my surface, done a hard reset, done a recovery from usb drive, updated AGAIN to 1703 et al, and the type cover STILL isn’t being recognized, and no filter showing up in device manager. My husband has a surface as well, with an identical type cover. I attached mine to his surface, and it works perfectly. To its credit, Microsoft support has been diligent in following up with me, but they HAVE tried to play it off as if there is something wrong with my surface…..which I know there is not because it works perfectly fine with the exception of the type cover….any other help or suggestions is greatly appreciated!

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      So we’re back on those Windows 95 days of Plug & Pray.

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      Mine isn’t working either and I am frustrated. I did everything on the help section. It just stopped working. Yesterday it was fine, which is why I am here trying to find an answer

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      I finally found a solution to this issue!! Follow the steps under the second fix (two button shut down) on the following site:


      After doing this, my type cover responded and is back to normal.

      Hope this helps!

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        Two-Button Shutdown/Reset Worked!

        Stinks that I bought a second type cover (at MSFT store’s suggestion) before seeing this post. But thank you! Off to sell my extra type cover on eBay….

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      Hello everyone,

      I also had this issue, and it seems like i fixed it.
      Type cover was doing nothing. No backlight, caps, Fn, nothing. Device manager was showing an HID Keyboard device. I tried installing the original MS drivers again, resetting to UEFI by holding powerbutton+volume up, but nothing worked.

      Finally i went to the UEFI BIOS and at devices, i switched off the “Type Cover port”. After that i chose exit and restart now. After reboot, the type cover backlight was working! Very strange since i had just disabled that port, but ok… The type cover was not yet working in windows, so i rebooted to UEFI again, and turned the Type cover port back on. After the reboot it worked again! It also showed in device manager as Surface Type Cover Filter Device.

      Not sure yet if this is a permanent fix or a solution for everyone with this same problem, but hopefully this can help you too.

      Kind regards, Michiel

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        Hi, that sounds like the fix I need, tried everything  else.

        However, I only get to switch off the docking port in uefi, I don’t see a Type Cover option.

        Am on Surface pro 3.


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      I have the surface pro 4 and I have downloaded the latest firmware and windows updates, I have tried all the solutions in forums and because so many solutions have been tried, I can’t really pinpoint to which solution temporarily fixed it.

      Even though we SOMETIMES get the keyboard to work, it will intermittently stop working. The only thing that has been working for us is completely shutting down the computer and leaving it for while before turning it on again. Definitely an issue ever since the Creator’s update and those thereafter that the stability keyboard was never the same.

      One thing we’re testing out right now is pausing the Windows Updates and delaying downloading the updates. As of right now, I’m waiting for an official Windows response/solution to this issue before turning back on the latest updates, but it seems like they are hush-hush right now. I know we can’t completely stop the updates, but at least we can buy ourselves time before our keyboard stop working again.

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      I have the same problem with Surface Pro 3 and type cover 4.  The Geek Squad found that last update put some units into hibernation instead of turning off when using the start button to close down but not when using the off button, making the 2-button reboot useless.  That worked for about 5 days but now back to nothing working.  Removed keyboard from Settings / Devices with intent to reinstall but can’t even bring keyboard back to try reinstallation.  Has a recommended non-Microsoft keyboard been found?  Or other solutions or recommendations?

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      I’m having the same issue. My surface pro 4 suddenly stop recognizing my keyboard cover. I did every single troubleshooting fix: the alcohol cotton swab, windows update again, pro 4 firmware update for 1803, two button restart, the device uninstall and reinstall (only keyboard hid visible), factory reset, and to the Microsoft store. At the store they recognized that it was a firmware issue not the keyboard cover for it was recognized on other surfaces. After store tried their troubleshooting options, they said I would need to replace my surface device at a cost of $450.00. Not acceptable! Especially since it was Microsoft error not consumer. Did anyone get a resolution on this issue? Why replace when it could eventually happen again.

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      Same issue here, type cover stopped working. Only option is to return at €567 for replacement SP3.

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      Windows update installed today and cover keyboard stopped working. Tried everything that anonymous did above to no avail.

      Microsoft controlling my updates is getting extremely tiresome.

      Now I have a device where I seemingly can’t use the cover keyboard until MS decide to fix it. Not acceptable.

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      I have scoured the net for a solution to this problem with no help in site, even after doing a complete restore using the MS image from their download site it still doesn’t work. It makes no sense that someone as big as MS can’t apply some programmers to create a fix. I think I shall be spending my money elsewhere in the future. After buying 2 surface pros I now have an SP4 with a flickering screen. I was going to buy a surface book but think Ill spend my money on a MacBook instead, there is my 2 finger solution.

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      I’m having the same issue…

      surface pro 2, backlights working but nothing else. Device manager Surface Type Cover Filter Device showing message “requires further installation”

      live tried every single suggestion I’ve come across without any success at all…

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      Adding  to the large number of Surface keyboard woes.

      Tried everything on the net. Surface Pro 3 keyboard totally unresponsive

      Works in UEFI
      Surface Type Cover Filter Device shows in Device Manager
      Surface keyboard not showing in UEFI – OSK only
      Keyboard failed after one of the Win 10 1809 updates
      Win 10 update 1903 didn’t resolve. Nor did Keyboard updates
      Bluetooth keyboard works

      No amount of 2 button power off, updating, deleting and reinstalling, cleaning contacts has worked. Can’t see that it is broken key board as it works in the UEFI.

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      Thank you Kirsty – I am “anonymous” just above your reply. I tried all that but to no avail.

      However after much more net trawling and many fix attempts, this was what fixed it. My thanks to Andy at Andy Dawson’s Blog.

      I followed all the steps and what was new in this process was going through Control Panel/Hardware & Sound/Devices and Printers and uninstalling/updating all the drivers that way. I had been attempting it via Device Manager.

      So all’s well now. Nothing MS advised comes anywhere near a solution and it seems it is a MS update issue.

      MVP Edit: {Link Removed}


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      A factory reset doesn’t resolve the issue.

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        I’d recommend starting a new post.  So you have a Surface device and your type cover no longer is working, correct?

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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          I have been hunting for a resolve for this issue. My first Pro 4 was purchased in 2015 and had to be sent into Microsoft for repair, which resulted in giving me a refurbed model which I am now using.

          I have two keyboards, I purchased a later model for the spaced keys. This model started to have the problem of dropping out, It responded to the fixes for a couple of weeks and now is dead.

          I am now using the the original keyboard, which keeps dropping out when left idle, it does respond the the two step shut down. I am worried that this one is going to die.

          I will not take advantage of the Microsoft Refurb for $$$ as I think it’s a ploy to keep us using Microsoft, and also gives space to fix ongoing problems. which isn’t working given that this problem has been around since 2017

          I am looking at purchasing a new keyboard but firstly, I would like to know if this a keyboard problem or the Surface….surely Microsoft has worked that one out.

          I look forward to your reply!



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