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    If you look around, you’ll see a flood of reviews of the Surface Pro X, which arrived around 10 pm Redmond time. Of course, Microsoft doesn’t send me
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      This is when you get to see who is being paid by Microsoft. Those initial gushing reviews.

      If it is stunning in appearance, an expert with integrity will say so in their review. The same goes for anything else that is deserving of praise. That coupled with an analysis of reliability, serviceability, function and support will have real value for the consumer.

      Marketing has its tricks, e.g. the ‘paid’ low integrity reviewer will produce a review that is 99% positive on all aspects, with a negative that will not detract from the overall assessed value; something inane, like too many colours to choose from.

      The eventual impact these reviews have on the consumer is questionable. Social media will savage or drool over the new shiny thing for days. Corporations also ignore reviews and rely on pitches made to them by sales reps. Microsoft knows that high volume sales numbers influence prospective buyers.

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        Okay yes, that is definitely something that happens out there.  Especially in the gaming industry.

        But after watching the Verge review of the Surface Pro X (which is -really- well-produced, definitely worth a watch), it’s clear that they aren’t being paid to market the product.  They don’t gloss over some the fairly obvious problems, like the fact that it’s hard to touch the taskbar icons when the keyboard is folded in, or that 64-bit apps and games just don’t work, or that battery life isn’t as good as the name “ARM” evokes, or that Photoshop is really slow, or, or, or……


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        Norio, b
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      Of course, Microsoft doesn’t send me review units… Just in case you were wondering, yes, absolutely, Microsoft vets their reviewers carefully…

      Thanks Woody!  This is great–as NoLoki intimates, we now know of whom we should be skeptical when it comes to news about Microsoft.

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      I’ve been thinking about what my next laptop should be. I thought about a Windows Surface device. Looks lightweight, compact, easy, and still runs Windows, right? Well, I was wrong. Out the window the idea goes.

      I’ve been thinking of getting a Chromebook, but worry that I’m too advanced for one and that a Chromebook will leave something to be desired. I’ve been thinking of buying a Macbook, which seems to be the best option, but oh it’s so expensive.

      I feel rather trapped, funny enough, by the market, with no good options either way. Either get Windows that’ll be riddled with botched updates; Chromebook with good reliability but still puny functionality; or Macbook with high cost.

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