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    A couple of minutes after my computer loads its programs, the Windows System Notification starts to sound every ten seconds. When I mouse-over the icons in the task bar, no ids appear, but I can click on the icons to bring up the sub-menus and start the tasks. I have SpeedFan installed and mousing-over previously brought-up the temps. Now I must restore the program to see the temperatures. Anybody have an idea about what causes this problem?:confused:

    This is a fresh install of XP because I had to reformat the drive after Win7 screwed-up my computer with constant BSODs. Even with Win7 on another partition and removing it, XP would not work properly until I redid the entire drive.

    This machine is a total rebuild with the latest boards and components. It worked fine when XP transitioned from the old setup until I installed Win7. Win7 worked once before giving me months of BSODs and attempted repairs. I was able to boot into XP without any major problems. Finally I became disgusted with Win7 and dumped it, resulting in the present problem.

    A note of interest, I attempted to install Win7 in its reformatted partition, but was unable to go beyond 2% Expansion. I aborted installation and reformatted the partition again. I will go to the Win7 Forum for assistance on that headache!!!

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