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    Youtube video here This weekend is the time that you need to ensure you are set for next week. That means you should check that your system is set to
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    Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      I was under the impression that pausing updates were still available for plain Windows 10 (aka “home”). I remember pausing updates on my machine for a bit. And I never manually unpaused them–I just let them run out if the MS-DEFCON was 3 or higher, or paused again before it ran out if it wasn’t.

      If you’re on Pro, you can defer updates rather than pause them, and that works better. At least, you can on 2004, which lets you use settings in the Group Policy Editor under Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Updates > Windows Update for Business.

      And, assuming it still works, you can also use Group Policy to tell Windows 10 Pro or above to ask before downloading updates, so you can delay them until you are ready to update. I only decided not to do this because it nags you a bit every day or so to download the updates. But it did keep them away.

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      They are.  The video shows that you can pause with Home.

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      Pausing updates is not an issue if, BEFORE you resume updates, you FIRST: disconnect or disable any internet connections [LAN and/or WiFi] then click “Resume Updates”.  Once Windows update has failed at it’s “check for updates” [no internet connection] , reconnect the internet and immediately use WUMT or WUShowHide to release or hide whatever updates you want.  It’s an extra step than the “old” methods of selecting updates but has worked successfully for me since I’ve acquired Win10 on my newest laptop.  Have kept my Win10 Home laptop updated this way.  Once the updates are applied, pause updates again for the period desired. [in my case always the 35 days].  PS: I always boot my Win10 PC without any connections to the internet.  WU can’t surprise me if it can’t connect!

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      I was trying to follow https://www.askwoody.com/forums/topic/2000016-guide-for-windows-update-settings-for-windows-10/

      but I keep getting a “404 – File or directory not found.” page when I try to download the latest wushowhide.diagcab. I have a version from last year which is probably ok.

      So, is this something that is temporary or is Microsoft no longer providing it?

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      I would like to make a suggestion for ‘Tasks for the Weekend’.  I religiously make a full system backup to USB and have a System Repair Disc – both chucked into the desk drawer. Touch wood I have never had the need to use either.  I “sort of” know how to go about using them but would certainly appreciate a simple refresher with step by step instructions on your Youtube site – easy to follow for my ++75year  old grey matter.  With special emphasis on accessing the data in the case of Windows failing to open. IMO this would be invaluable. Thank you.

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      I’ve never used the pause feature (and don’t intend to), but I watched the video hoping I could learn a few things about it in case I ever needed to help someone who has to.

      One thing that’s not clear to me is what happens if you choose to pause from the main screen for some multiple of 7 days and never click the resume button? Would that have been the same as setting the equivalent date from the advanced menu and waiting for that to expire? Is the real issue you should never click the resume button like you should never click the check for updates button?

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        Ending Pause, either clicking the “Resume” button or letting the Pause expire (whether set by the 7-day-per-click or set by a date to end it), initiates the download and install of whatever updates are available for your version of Win10. As long as you have Pause set, you should not be able to see what updates are available in the Windows Update queue.
        A way to prevent this, is to turn on Metered Connections, which tells your computer you have a data cap and have to pay for data-by-the-bits (this may not be true, but the effect is the same), and the download will wait until you say so.

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