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  • Tasks for the weekend – how is your ChromeBook?

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    While Chromebooks don’t suffer from the same aches and pains that Windows machines have, they aren’t 100% secure either. Any computer can be made bett
    [See the full post at: Tasks for the weekend – how is your ChromeBook?]

    Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      There are more suggestions for Chromebook configuration in the Chrome OS section of my Defensive Computing site

      Get up to speed on router security at and Defensive Computing at

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        I like how the topics are in alphabetic order at the top of the web page.

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      My only complaint regarding Chromebooks is Google’s refusal to update devices that are still in fine working condition. My Samsung Chromebook 2 is only 7.5 years old and still works as well as when brand new; but it hasn’t received either a Chrome OS update nor a Chrome browser update for two and a half years, now. I have a Samsung Chromebook 4 plus that gets all the updates as soon as they are available; but it gives me more problems staying connected to the internet on my home wi-fi than the older Chromebook 2 does (falsely reporting a captive portal and other DNS issues that neither the older Chromebook 2 nor any of my Windows devices nor my smartphone ever have issues with). Am I supposed to just throw out this perfectly functional and working Chromebook 2 simply because Google won’t update the software on it, even the browser? That is absurd!


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        6.5 years.  That’s it.

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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          My point is that Google will happily update their Chrome browser to the latest and most secure version in a ten year old or older Windows laptop or desktop computer running a Windows OS that no longer gets updates from Microsoft; but they refuse to update their browser in a Chromebook that’s not nearly as old or outdated. The Chromebook manufacturers should understand that that alone is a very convincing argument for NOT purchasing a Chromebook (are you listening Samsung?).


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        I seem to remember that there was a movement to at least let older Chromebooks get Chrome updates. However, it wouldn’t surprise me if this was a “going forward” situation.

        If it were me, I’d be looking into whether there was some sort of unofficial upgrade path. I wouldn’t do it if my Chromebook 2 was my only Chromebook, but, since you have another one, it might be worth exploring. I know that Chromebooks can be modified to run another OS, so it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a user-created update.

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        Even without updates and old Chromebook can still be used safely in Guest Mode.

        And, the flip side of your point is that Google is being honest and up-front about the drop-dead date for software updates on a Chromebook. Neither Apple nor Microsoft does this. Perhaps they are making up for Android which is the worst OS in terms of software updates.

        Get up to speed on router security at and Defensive Computing at

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      I am trying all these settings on Windows Chrome browser and they work. Also applies to Chromium browser too.

      One setting I have been trying out:
      Settings -> Advanced -> System -> Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed -> off (circle button is at the left)

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