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    Youtube video here Have you ever checked out the options you have to assist you if you are colorblind? What about changing the overall size of fonts o
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    Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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      The main tweak is F-Lux so I manage to sleep instead of listening to the Owls at 1AM.

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        +1 for f.lux at home, and blue light filtering apps on my devices. At work, I turn on night mode temporarily when I have a migraine, since light hates me then. I also requested IT to adjust the system font size/icon size globally, after a bunch of complaints from coworkers when we got new PCs and stuff was too small for the majority of us. A coworker adjusts the mouse pointer size and theme to make it easier to read.

        Now, if work would only use accessible fonts that don’t hurt my head, causing me to use Portable Waterfox with a custom userscript to look at our website…

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        It’s not from Windows, but I wanted to mention I use Hue lights linked to f.lux in my office. The color/brightness change helps a lot in stabilizing my sleep!


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      Seeing the post on Ease of Access features reminded me that I have depended on StickyKeys since the 1980s, when you had to download it as an add-on from Microsoft.

      For those not familiar with it, you can use the modifier keys – Shift, Ctrl, Alt – sequentially, which I find a great boon.

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      I use Ease of Access to keep the scroll bar visible at all times instead of hiding it. I use a computers without touch screens (mouse and touchpad only), so the hidden scroll bar is a pain.

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      Is there an ease of access setting to stop the mouse pointer from merely dropping down a quarter of an inch on the screen when I tap the laptop’s touchpad (dropping down twice when I tap it twice) instead of simply selecting the option or executing the application that I was hovering over? This is so infuriating! I’ve explored every available option and setting in the mouse and touch pad options and settings menu and cannot find what is causing it.


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      Default settings all the way for me.

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      That new Text Cursor enhancement (which makes a text insertion cursor look like a dumbbell or dog bone) is a hacked-on piece of garbage. Besides being visually in the wrong places a lot of the time it causes crashes in some software because events get sent that cannot be properly handled. It’s like Microsoft put the junior programmers on it, who don’t know about such things as Isolation Awareness Contexts.

      I recommend NOT turning that one on.



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      It might not be in the Ease of Access bits, but I just want eye-candy to go away when I remote in Windows 10 over a slow link. I don’t need to wait for the gentle fade to the password box to take seconds, I just want to log in. Same for menus and window resize…

      And I would like to have it system-wide too!

      Any tips? Any proven solutions?


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        RDP you mean?  Make the connection “modem” even if you are using high speed access.  It will make the color go away.


        Show optoins


        Choose the arrow key and choose modem

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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          Unfortunately, no, I am using AnyDesk for my remote connections.

          One machine is only accessible through the Carrier-grade NAT of a LTE wireless network provider. This is the only network I cannot VPN to the router to fix stuff, it is at a quarry site! Soon, there’s going to be a few more machines in that network, the remote connection (slow at times) is likely going to be unbearably slow at some point :-/


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            Hi Martin,

            Doesn’t get rid of the eye candy but you can set anydesk quality to “optimize reaction time”. That’s how I run most of mine and it helps.

            Never Say Never

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              <p style=”text-align: left;”>Thanks for the reminder, @cyberSAR!

              Unfortunately, as you say, it doesn’t turn off the eye candy :-/
              I’m paid by the hour, so I can wait, but I also recommend equipment, so I do my best to optimize the experience and expenses 🙂


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      I always have “Play a sound whenever you press Caps Lock, Num Lock or Scroll Lock” turned on (at Settings, Ease of Access, Keyboard) just so that Caps Lock beeps if touched accidentally.

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