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  • Terrible Netgear support and router technical info!

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    I am looking for a new router and was researching the NETGEAR – AX1800 Wi-Fi 6 Router.  I want WIFI6, WPA3 – might as well get the new stuff, right? Netgear datasheet on their website says it supports WPA3.  I was reading the user’s manual so I could understand how to configure. I do not want to establish an online account or use the app, so I wanted to ensure I could configure manually. The guide says I can.  I called tech support.  Tech support recommended I download the app, but said I don’t have to.

    The guide did not list WPA3 as a security protocol selection, I asked tech support why don’t I see WPA3 as a selection? He said we support 2 protocols – WPA2 & WPA. I said – Netgear’s datasheet says WPA3, where is it? He said, you can go to Amazon and check and yadda yadda yadda,  I’m thinking, that’s not my question!  “Your datasheet says WPA3.” He said no I don’t know, it’s the company, I’m here answering questions (as if he is disassociated from Netgear, which I guess he is!!), it’s only the 2 protocols.  I was like ok ok, what about UNPNP? I want to disable that, my current router has a radio button for that, how can I ensure it’s not enabled?  He said, I don’t know about that – I just answer questions – I’m in India I don’t know what that is…….I was polite, thanked him and hung up.

    Why bother asking any more questions?  I mean what is up with router manufacturers? They don’t seem to care about security – maybe bc we don’t demand it.  We want speed and gaming and range and other things.  I want security first.  Good technical documentation and support.  And yes, functionality too.  Security or support shouldn’t be lower priority. I was a little floored that the tech support person didn’t seem to claim to be supporting Netgear just answering questions for what, I don’t know! (But I called Netgear tech support number – I’m sure tech support is contracted out – I know how things work today, but tech support should have some allegiance to the manufacturer they are supporting!)

    Seems we are on our own!! Ugh.  Rant over. thanks.

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      There are support staff and there are people who are on the support desk. If you are lucky you get the former.

      cheers, Paul

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      True it depends on the support person you get.  I saw the router on a major seller’s website.  They have chat support which I contacted.  Their tech support rep was knowledgeable and helpful.  I was pleasantly surprised and decided to buy the router from them.  I think they will help me if I run into trouble and I can always post here.

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      I hope your going to run DD-WRT on the old router for some fun?

      cheers, Paul

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        Yes I will! Fun 😆

        Any suggestions on how best to do that?  I would leave the config on the old router, download the ddwrt  and run it.  I know the config will be overwritten. And then I could play with ddwrt configuration on the Linksys.  I thought as long as the SSIDs are different it shouldn’t impact my network, right? I don’t have any experience doing this – so any help would be appreciated.




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          Some routers can be easily converted to DD-WRT, some can with some difficulty, and others can’t do DD-WRT at all (at least with the official DD-WRT builds). DD-WRT has its foibles (they consider it permanently in beta), but its strengths more than make up for it to me. I can go into more detail on the topic if anyone wants (just ask in the other thread Paul suggested), but the bottom line is that DD-WRT can extend the supported life of the router greatly, in addition to giving you lots more options to configure. The manufacturer of a router is prone to forget it exists once the models sold have gone out of warranty, but aftermarket firmware support typically exists as long as there are enough people using that router to warrant it.

          Personally, I consider DD-WRT compatibility (or something comparable) to be a “must” for new routers, unless I get them at fire sale prices. The ability to easily install DD-WRT was one of the chief requirements when I ended up buying the TP-Link Archer C7.

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            Best free Linux router and firewall distributions of 2020

            Top 10 Open Source Firewall Software to avoid – what you should NOT use…

            3. DD-WRT – no longer competitive
            This is a little controversial recommendation because I know that many users still feel that DD-WRT is good. It certainly was back in the day. Today DD-WRT is still functional and works, but it’s not great or innovative. It’s mostly unchanged since 2014 and fell far behind other open source competitors. Today there are many good alternatives, such as OpenWRT…

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              Oh my!  It’s really difficult to know what is/is not good, accurate, secure these days!  Some say this….others say that…what’s a non-tecchie like me to do???   I am more technical than the average user, but it’s still hard for me to sift through and understand all the info out there.

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      Wait until you get the new unit running, then you can start a new thread.

      cheers, Paul

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      I will never buy another Netgear, only reason I bought the last one was I had problems that I misdiagnosed as a router problem and Best Buy had only NG. I would note that some can do DD-WRT 3rd party firmware with its steep learning curve.


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