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    Just trying to see if the lounge is working. My posts are not getting posted!

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      We had the problem over the weekend. I’ve also noticed today that quite a few notifications I’ve received led to missing posts. I’ve alerted the Administrators and someone will check to see whether there is a problem.

      Occasionally, posts are removed by moderators because they violate lounge rules. If that was the case, you can expect to receive a PM to that effect within a few hours.

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        I noticed there was a huge crash… my messages are not being posted because ‘Access denied.” ???

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          Did you read the News Flash about Lounge Data File Corruption or the post in Words From On High? Unfortunately, a full day of posts was dropped entirely because we had to fall back to the previous day’s backups. I lost a bunch of messages as well and had to try and backtrack to fill in answers where they had disappeared. shrug The ‘Access Denied’ stuff was temporary and a result of the problem.

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            Yeah, i saw that, but presumed that the announcement was the conclusion of the problem, rather than the midst of it.

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            Hi Charlotte

            Admin Said:

            This means that ALL post between 3:00am 5/5/2002 and approx. 4:45 6/5/2002 are probably lost, as are all new users during that period.

            Did he mean through 5/6/2002?


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