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    Virtualization Based Security (VBS) has a big impact on frame rates
    VBS is enabled by default in Windows 10.

    Remember back when Windows 11 launched and there was a concern about how the default of enabling Virtualization Based Security (VBS) and HyperVisor-Enforced Code Integrity (HVCI) might impact performance? There was a lot of noise made, benchmarks were run… and then we all moved on. Flash forward to 2023, and I recently discovered that sometime in the past few months, the PC I use for the GPU benchmarks hierarchy received an update that turned VBS back on.

    Windows 10 also has this setting and it may also be enabled by default now..

    Windows VBS: The Bottom Line

    So, should you leave VBS on or turn it off? It’s not quite that clear cut of a question and answer. The actual security benefits, particularly for a home desktop that doesn’t go anywhere, are probably minimal. And if you’re serious about squeezing every last bit of performance out of your hardware — via improved cooling, overclocking, and buying more expensive hardware — losing 5% just to some obscure “security benefits” probably isn’t worth doing, so disable VBS…

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      so disable VBS…

      Latest comment on that article:

      “If I get a virus, I get a virus.

      At least I will go down doing what I love, which is having my gaming PC perform the absolute best that it can.”

      Windows 11 Pro version 22H2 build 22621.1485 + Microsoft 365 + Edge

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      Yeah, well it’s not enabled on my machine and it doesn’t look like it will be!
      Windows 10 Pro Main driver circa 2017

      Learn how to resolve problems with incc
      BrUsbSib.sys          Brother
      LGBusEnum.sys         Logitech
      LGJoyXlCore.sys       Logitech
      LGJoyHidFilter.sys    Logitech
      LGVirHid.sys          Logitech
      lv302a64.sys          Logitech
      Ivrs64.sys            Logitech
      Ivrs64.sys            Logitech
      LVUSBS64.sys          Logitech
      LV302V64.SYS          Logitech
      wdcsam64_prewin8.sys  Western Digital Technologies
      LGBusEnum.sys         Logitech Inc.
      LGJoyXlCore.sys       Logitech Inc.
      LGVirHid.sys          Logitech Inc.
      lv302a64.sys          Logitech Inc.
      Ivrs64.sys            Logitech Inc.
      LVUSBS64.sys          Logitech Inc.
      LV302V64.SYS          Logitech Inc.

      That’s one long list of drivers that I’m not going to play with since the machine is running just fine.

      FYI: I used the PowerToys Text extractor to grab that list and then just edited it. Sure saves a lot of time and typing errors!

      Windows Tiny11B2 Pro Dell Laptop circa 2015.

      igdkmd64.sys  Intel Corporation
      igdkmd64.sys  Intel Corporation

      Don’t know why it shows up twice but it does. I may try to fix this one

      I’m going to assume my Test Dell Win 10 Pro circa 2013 has just as many problems as my daily driver!

      Per MS:

      Turning on the Memory integrity setting would block these incompatible drivers from loading. Because blocking these drivers might cause unwanted or unexpected behaviors, the Memory integrity setting is turned off to allow these drivers to load.

      If you want to restore the Memory integrity setting, you can try to resolve a driver incompatibility by seeing if an updated and compatible driver is available through Windows Update or from the driver manufacturer. Microsoft does not recommend that you delete drivers to attempt to restore this setting.

      May the Forces of good computing be with you!


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