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    This one has me a bit flustered. I haven’t used PowerPoint in a good 20 years, amazing how much I actually remember.

    I have a slide that contains a Text Box, the text box has several bulleted items.
    Some of the bullets have small graphics inserted in the text.
    The bullets have Animations to Fly-in.

    The problem is that I can’t seem to consistently get the graphic to group with the bullet text so that they are single unit for the Animation to work with. Causing the graphic to show up when the slide is first displayed, then the text shows up when I click the mouse or in some cases the text displays and then the graphic shows up.

    I’ve worked around this problem by creating multiple text boxes placing one bulleted item in each but this is very time consuming and a pain to maintain.

    Has anyone else seen this and/or know how to easily fix this problem? 😎

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