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    Previously used OO Draw for filling in PDF format forms, etc.  Master PDF Editor (free) is somewhat awkward.  Anyone using Scribus?

    Linux Mint Mate 19.2 & 20.3

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      Sorry, no.
      Using Foxit pdf free version, and Libre Office mostly here

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      I’ve used this in a pinch. Here’s a write up on it.


      One upside is you’ve probably got it installed already.

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      This is a common problem with PDF software. Any PDF app that does it all costs a lot. Each of the different PDF software makers offers some form of limited free functions of their app to get you to buy the expensive one. The trick is finding a PDF maker that offers the function you want in their free app. Results is getting one app to fill in forms, another app to extract text, another app to extract images, etc.

      If you have Word, it can do a lot of these functions. If not then consider the free PDF tools from PlotSoft. They have many free PDF tools where each tool performs a specific function like merging or filling in forms.

      One Warning: This is free software, so every time you close the app after using it will pop up a box asking you to upgrade to the paid version. Even if you close the box it causes your browser to open to their web page to buy the paid version. So each close needs a box closed followed by closing your browser (Alt + F4). Considering the number of times I use the app, it is a small hassle and a better alternative than buying an app.

      This link to download the PDFill app:

      PDFill Free PDF Editor Basic

      Be sure to check out the other free tools.

      HTH, Dana:))

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        Note that this is the Mint forum.  No Word in Linux, LibreOffice is the office suite.

        Linux Mint Mate 19.2 & 20.3

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      If it’s about filling in forms only, you could try Foxit Reader. I’m not sure, but I think you can fill in forms with just about every free PDF reader?

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      Web search yielded this information:


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        Been using LO Draw, but advised elsewhere this is not a good idea.  Not sure why.  Searching PDF editors- 5 times = 5 different lists- just as happy to stick with Draw unless the sky falls or suchlike.

        Linux Mint Mate 19.2 & 20.3

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          Consult Oldergeeks , they know!

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          I’m curious where you found using LO Draw was not a good idea. Seems to me that you have it, it works, and you updated it a few months ago.

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            A couple of years or so ago, might have been on the Mint forum, a user warned me that Draw processed a pdf as a picture and might disrupt the elements of a form being filled out.  Never had that happen, but went to Master PDF Editor as a precaution.  That app was kinda clunky the few times I used it.  No idea if the warning re Draw is valid or not.

            And yes, Draw gets updated via Update Mgr.

            Linux Mint Mate 19.2 & 20.3

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