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    Microsoft Teams. It’s an app I use occasionally. But I don’t want it to auto launch. I want it out of the way and only launched when I want it. But Mi
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    Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      On more recent versions you can also right-click the tray icon to disable autostart if not logged in. But there’s plenty more that I don’t like about it too. Such as the inability to install it as a system-wide application, so each user has their own instance of it. It’s also very bloated.

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      I had to install it on a 64 bit version of Windows 7  for a virtual meeting because in person meeting was not an option in 2019 through 2021. The person conducting the meeting doesn’t know how to use Zoom. It is a business computer with an Office 365 license so Teams is easier for him.

      I disabled it starting with Windows, simply because it was only used once a month. I didn’t like the fact that it started up daily.

      I’ve since uninstalled it because it no longer runs on Windows 7. Our other devices are android tablets and a phone. We usually Zoom on our 10″ android tablet.

      Got coffee?

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      In Teams I have changed the default settings so that shared Excel documents open in the Office 365 desktop app. Every other morning I try opening one of these shared Excel documents and it will open in Teams built-in Excel viewer. When this happens I am greeted by a message at the top of the screen that says “It looks like you tried to open this file in teams. You can change the default behavior in settings” but I have already explicitly selected the option to “Open in App.”

      If I close out of the Teams Excel viewer and click on the Excel document a second time it will open using the desktop app.

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      More annoying is the lack of a “Paste Clear Text” button (the Clear formatting doesn’t always work, especially if pasting code from Visual Studio)

      Also that Live Events can’t be popped out, arrg.

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      Yet another place where Microsoft is trying to push its preferred solution for a specific application into Windows. I’m just in the process of re-deploying Windows 10 Pro to a computer that doesn’t have Office on it (and using a different file storage service), and having to dislodge both OneNote and OneDrive.

      On my main working computer, I’m just off a meeting hosted in Teams. I don’t have Teams installed there, and for that situation, the only way work through a browser is in using Edge.

      There may be reasons to choose the Microsoft-provided tools, but I get annoyed with Microsoft making it difficult to choose something else.

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      What annoys me the most is when you have an app that forces you to log in using your Microsoft account just so you have the extreme privilege of unticking the Start on boot checkbox!

      Skype, I’m looking at you!

      So I simply remove the autostart with the very useful tool Autoruns from Microsoft. Way more powerful than the in-box tools!


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        I think this kind of thing is part of why Microsoft keeps pushing harder on forcing of Microsoft logins in Windows.  If you’re already logged in there, then you don’t have to do individual logins through a browser to get to various Microsoft services.

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      “So what annoys you about auto launching programs and which ones do you delete?”

      I don’t want programs running in the background that I am going to use only once in a blue moon, if at all.  So I’ve disabled (rather than delete) several that came with my Dell/Win 11, such as Cortana.

      Thanks to your discussion of Teams, I was surprised to discover another.  I honestly don’t remember why now, but several months ago I downloaded the portable version of Glary Utilities from their website.  I ran it just one time.  I figured portable = no install = nothing added to start-up.  I was wrong.  I now see that the supposed portable version has a “startup manager” and installed files to my “AppData\Roaming” and “ProgramData” folders.  So much for “portable”.

      Worse, when you run Glary’s “startup manager” and click “uninstall” it takes you to Windows “Programs and Features” where there is no entry at all for Glary Utilities.  So I ended up finding and deleting the “AppData” and “ProgramData” entries manually.  I also looked in the Registry and found one data entry for Glary Utilities, which I deleted.

      Your discussion about auto launch of Teams was a good lesson to me that “portable” doesn’t necessarily mean what I thought it did.


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