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    ON SECURITY By Susan Bradley Most antivirus programs flag ASR GUI as infected. Those results are false positives. In my most recent AskWoody MS-DEFCON
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    Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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      Is there some confusion in this article between PS2Exe and psexec? The ASR GUI tool is written as a Powershell script, and can be run as such. It does not use psexec, but it does contain “psexec” in text. There is also an executable for ASR GUI, which I am pretty sure was created from the Powershell script using PS2Exe.

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      Could you elaborate a bit.  First I always find Github terribly opaque and the entry for ASR GUI is no different: I didn’t see where there was an obvious way just to download the program and its documentation.  Also, can you explain what we should do about ASR?   Which “S”s should we do something about  and how.   You mention using gpedit but don’t say how.  Sorry to be so clueless about this matter.

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        At the given link to github, there are two files. One is an executable file, one is a .ps1 Powershell script. Download and run either.  There is no documentation for the program itself (it doesn’t really need it.) For the things it allows you to set or unset, you’ll have to look up the meaning of those settings. In Susan’s initial post on this topic, she explained which one to use for this problem: Block Office from creating child processes.

        As for gpedit, run gpedit.msc. You can do this from a command line, or from the start menu’s Run… option.

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      I’ve tried using ASR_Rules_PoSh_GUI to “Set all Office applications from creating child processes and I’m getting the following error.  Tried Googling it but didn’t find anything.  Anyone have an idea?  TIA,

      Error 1
      Error 2

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      That’s likely a Windows Defender error.

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      Sorry I realize this is an old thread but does this ASR GUI tool work on Windows 11?


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