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    WINDOWS 11 By Peter Deegan So, you have a Windows 10 computer that’s working fine and is enough for your needs. Why bother switching to Windows 11 on
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      I have 3 refurb desktop Win 10 Pro PC’s and one Win11 Pro laptop. The Win 11 is by far and away the least likeable and most problematic and none of that has anything to do with it being a laptop. The original strategy for windows 10, as I recall was continuous gradual improvements with no major numbered updates. Kinda like the old VW bug. Really wish they’d stuck to that. Windows 11 is a pain.

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      and..Windows 10 is also free from the ‘feature update’ malarky so that, to me indicates a more settled sunset two years instead of change for the sake of it. Two years can’t be bad without interuptions from Redmond, with the exception of patches, of course.

      Win8.1/R2 Hybrid lives on..
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      You’re kidding, right? “Get Windows 11 on a new computer (not that you have a choice) or — if you wait long enough — Windows 12!” Like you and everyone else will not be immediately advising everyone to wait for Windows 13 (LOL!), lest their computing worlds come to an untimely and disastrous end!

      But seriously, Every. Single. Time. Windows (or any other OS) is updated, there is a cadre of pundits and commenters predicting doom and gloom. While you all rightly point out the prudence of not being an early adopter, at this point (despite some persistent claims to the contrary) I think we’re well out of the early adopter stage for Windows 11.

      And while I agree with you that there is nothing super compelling about Windows 11, at this point I don’t think there’s anything super compelling against it either. Which is what drove me to my own “why not?” moment (as described by your colleague Simon Bisson) 3 months ago.

      Speaking purely from a consumer perspective (because I do recognize and respect the concerns businesses have with such a major undertaking), I had a flawless update to Win 11 this past March. Haven’t had any problems since. And while it didn’t bring any groundbreaking improvements, I do like the subtle visual tweaks, and have no issues with the taskbar, or most of the other minor gripes being hammered into the ground here and on other forums. Of course, YMMV.

      And of course, I will wait a suitably prudent length of time before upgrading to Windows 12, as I did for 11. I may be less paranoid than some, but I ain’t no fool either. 😉

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