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    A class is forming in Florida, suing Microsoft for “Get Windows 10.” But the attorney involved lists his company on Facebook as a Real Estate Lawyer.
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      The time to do this was about six months ago. Now M$ will be able to argue that it’s all water under the dam.

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      Not just in Florida.


      “NY state is not the only state actively investigating user accusations against Microsoft’s Windows 10 upgrade methods as other states are also beginning to actively pursue cases against Microsoft on their residents’ behalf.”

      About time too. But, I’m sure MS has already anticipated this a long time ago when they were planning their W10 strategy.

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      I noticed that the site http://microsoftclassactionlawsuit.com/ just disappeared last year. That was the Abbot Law firm in PA that attempted to start a class action suit. Anyone know what happened?
      I think chances are slim for this to gain any traction. Microsoft has a lot of good lawyers and can probably sidestep this by the EULA for Windows 7 or 8 because 10 was an update/upgrade to your existing operating system. I guess we’ll have to see what a Real Estate lawyer can do.

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      I’ve tried to contact the AG in New York, with no response. I also asked Teri Goldstein to see if she knew of any other actions. No response, except an ad for her Kindle book.

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      Too little, too late for many who were hurt!

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      Yeah, a FLORIDA real estate lawyer!

      Looking for prime ocean front property on a cliff?


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      Not sure if you saw this:
      Microsoft removes policies from Windows 10 Pro

      Going to stay with 7 until I can migrate all my important software to Linux

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      Yeah, I’m trying to figure out if you can get at those settings through the Registry. Previous GPE settings always triggered Registry mods. Are those still available?

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      No idea, and besides the point anyway. People have gone PRO because of the gpedit feature, they are being right out betrayed now. And who’s to say if Redmond will stop here, I can imagine the ridiculous EULA gives them the right to reduce gpedit to a poor mans leaking firewall at any given time. Outrageous and shameful. Seems like every day there’s a new shocker or two, never in a good way.

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      They’re lowering the boom. Get ready to be pestered by the Windows Store etc.

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      Shameless Linux advert coming up: SOLUS. It’s not yet another linux distro. It’s your new shiny personal operating system. When it comes to selling I’m a bullelephantdinosaur in a china shop so read this article from someone who knows what he is talking about and can put it into words http://freedompenguin.com/articles/distro-review/finding-solace-solus-linux
      Just when Microsoft thought they got the planet by the balls, along comes freedom.

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      Link to story missing…

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      +1 to the above, and now I’m glad I decided to wait to bump up to Pro until I knew 10 would be stable on my household’s PCs, because gpedit was a selling point to me. MS needs to remember that small businesses are still businesses, and that ones with good IT people are doing similar setups to larger companies. It’s just a matter of scale.

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      his is what Martin Brinkmann says: “Furthermore, the corresponding Registry keys are not working either anymore which means that Pro users have no option to make changes to features affected by the change.”

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      Tried yesterday to forcibly download Windows 10 from a separate Microsoft site as my Windows Update’s last successful update was May 2016. I took the suggested AskWoody updates for May. Windows Update is not working since on this machine. (My Alienware is up to date and so far fine, still, Win 7.)

      This is my experimental home-built machine with Windows 7 Ultimate on it. I cannot purposefully get Windows 10 to download, it stopped at 99%. I tried a restart which made the matter worse. I tried a few suggestions from Google searches. Dead! (Machine still runs—Win 7)

      How do the complaining folks that get Windows 10 to load up and not ask for it?

      Doesn’t load for me.

      I bet this Windows 10 free upgrade thing is an Alpha project and we are the test guinea pigs! I am not impressed. I will wait awhile, see how it goes.

      I would like to see Microsoft quit abandoning the Win 7 crowd and properly continue to support it. Why should I buy another Microsoft product?

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      Yep, I saw that – but I still find it hard to believe. That’s close to downright sabotage, IMHO.

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      I expect the suit filed in Israel will have more traction but will result in a tiny payout if successful. These other class action suits filed by non-corporate law firms are dubious at best.

      MS treat their Enterprise clients less aggressively. Not just because big business have massive war chests for law suits but because they are a massive revenue base for the OS. MS is positioning their hardware for this space too.

      MS certainly takes indirect steps with large corporations if they are not getting their way, e.g. the influence they have over hardware vendors. An example of this TPM.

      “TPM’s technical specification was written by a computer industry consortium called Trusted Computing Group (TCG). International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).”

      TCG has faced resistance to the deployment of this technology in some areas, where some authors see possible uses not specifically related to Trusted Computing, which may raise privacy concerns. The concerns include the abuse of remote validation of software (where the manufacturer—and not the user who owns the computer system—decides what software is allowed to run) and possible ways to follow actions taken by the user being recorded in a database, in a manner that is completely undetectable to the user.

      This is a law suit possibility. MS had better tread carefully if they pursue this avenue on an Enterprise system.

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      I was testing this out yesterday night on a Windows 10 VM. You can make the registry changes but they dont actually do anything.

      Microsoft is really killing small businesses not big enough for enterprise licensing.

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      Re: Woody post:


      “Yep, I saw that – but I still find it hard to believe. That’s close to downright sabotage, IMHO.”

      Another clever M$FT underhanded move.

      Stampede the masses to GWX on/before 29 July then force feed them th “Anniversary” version on 2 August…with update controls deleted for Pro users.

      My recent upgrade to Win7Pro was money wasted.
      I expect more W10 “improvements” and at the same time more chinese water torture on Win7/8.1 users.

      Sabotage? Why? Because they can. EU might decide yank their chain.


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      Post coming up momentarily in InfoWorld.

      It’s actually worse than I expected.

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