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    PATCH WATCH By Susan Bradley Microsoft’s latest update of Window 10 is rolling out with little fanfare — and few reports of major problems. As Woody n
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      Office MSI got the fix for Access issue, but only available as manual download

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      Anyone know what’s going on with the MSRT for Windows 7? The update (the borked one that endlessly cycled, I assume) is marked as “expired” in WSUS, and Microsoft don’t seem to have issued a replacement. There is one for the server editions, but not for Windows 7 clients.

      No matter where you go, there you are.

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      Black Friday Deal ¦ New W10 64 Laptop.
      ‘Imaged’ the Disc, at minimum spec, and again at operational level.
      MS Account, Admin Account, Non-Admin Accts applied. Good-2-Go.
      Currently MSWU is offering me 1909. Any info would be appreciated.

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        Sorry you created an MS Account instead of a local account.
        V1909 is not recommended at this time.
        You can read through the information on this site – use the search box in the right woodgrain panel to find specifics. Otherwise, you can ask for the specific information you need.

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          I did see how to get around having a MS account; but, threw caution to the wind on initial boot-up. Too many balls in the air, at once. Subsequently, I’ve had to sign-up, to buy stuff of ’em. Ok, I know, I could have done that separately. I log-on to the machine in a Non-Admin account; so, I’m down the command chain, although all the accounts are me. I’m still setting the machine up 2-days in. Everytime I get an unwanted intrusion, I track down the cause, and either delete it, or inhibit it. Let’s see what pans out ? Thanks for the info.

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            Close to finishing up, getting the pc up to speed. Started a trawl around the machine. Alighted on an Xbox (MS) Folder. ‘Check Connectivity‘, hit the button. ‘You’re Network Connected‘. Funnily, I don’t own an Xbox, never will. The only thing I idle time away with is Photoshop. Teach your self something. Got into ‘Services’ and disabled Xbox. I have found that having a MS Account has some use. The number of MS Sign Up For a New Account flags, would have been tedious. Still, it’s a MS O/S; so, they’re probably, anonymously, all of it like a rash.

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