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    Hi Loungers,

    Starting yesterday, I am receiving the above message on a site I open each day to view a bald eagle live webcam (dickpritchettrealestate.com). Until then, the video was always live and played by clicking the play arrow. It works fine on Chrome and on Safari on my tablet.

    I can’t find any fixes for this issue by searching generically. Can anyone help me fix this? It occurs on Firefox 96.0.1 and on the previous version as well (thought an update might fix it).

    Any suggestions very welcome!



    P.S. The webcam is fascinating if anyone here is interested in following the progress of bald eagle babies from egg to fledge. I’ve found it a positive way to start my day … before getting into work stuff!

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      Worked for me (FF And I am on the other side of the world! However I noted that switching between the four CAMs I would sometimes get the error message you reported. All I had to do was click the CAM button one or more times (usually once was enough) to get the live pictures back.

      Tried it also on Google Chrome (97.0.4692.71). For me, it failed to display any of the CAM pictures (just the error message), no matter how many times I clicked any of the CAM buttons. So it seems that it is not a Firefox problem – more likely a glitchy setup at the website.

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      Thanks so much for your super fast reply … and for seeing if things worked for you on Firefox and Chrome.

      I think I agree with your analysis given the inconsistent behaviour across the browsers. When I tried the different CAMs, I had no luck on Firefox.

      My next step will be to try and contact the site guys and see if they can see what the glitch is. At least I can watch the progress of the eaglets somewhere … I just have to keep trying until I get a browser that works!!

      If I get any response from the site owners, I’ll post it here.

      Thanks again for your help and your analysis … much appreciated! 🙂



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      Tips for the weekend – Browser checkup – January 15, 2022 @ AskWoody

      Check the firefox tip on tonight’s post?  See if that helps?

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      Hi Susan and thanks for your suggestion and link. I was just about to post an update when I saw your message.

      PKautto, a forum regular, passed on my concern to his wife who is a fellow fan of “my” eagle nest, amng others. One of the other eagle nest sites she follows had posted this message: “YouTube is having an issue with embedded videos like ours on our website. This is only affecting a few viewers. If you see the message “This live event is no longer available”, use the links below to access the cameras until the issue is resolved. ”

      So it looks as if it was a YouTube issue all along! Regardless, as I wrote to LH, all is well now and I am mentally apologizing to Firefox for blaming them so quickly! And I read your link, just in case I have another issue with the browser!

      Thank you both for your help and suggestions. Isn’t it great when things get resolved without our having to do anything?! 🙂


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