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    I pointed to Günter Born’s expose on Saturday. Now we have a full description of the bug — and proof of concept code! — thanks to Christian “NineBerry” Schwartz.

    [See the full post at: This month’s Win7 patches KB 4034664, KB 4034679 causing second-screen problems]

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      PDF Exchange update

      ‘Added a workaround for a bug in a Windows 7 update – possible rendering issues when KB4034664 is applied to Windows 7 systems that have ‘Desktop Composition’ turned off.’

      new version available 2.5.0322.7

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      W7-64  Grp A — I made an Image and just installed AUGUST Rollup KB4034664 + the MSRT, the ONLY 2 Importants offered; Un-used Option was July Preview of NET Quality Rollup  I understand we’re waiting on for the Sept Real-Deal.

      I DID find my Logitech G610 (backlit) Keyboard “G” Flashing and Keys NOT Working and a USB UN-Plug / Re-Plugin returned the Functions.

      NO CLUE if WU was the cause BUT Note IF your keyboard acts up after Updates.

      W10 Pro 22H2 / Hm-Stdnt Ofce '16 C2R / HP Envy Desk-Ethernet - SSD-HDD/ i5(8th Gen) 12GB / GP=2 + FtrU=Semi-Annual + Feature Defer = 1 + QU=0

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      Application of the August Security-Quality and other Group A style updates for Win 7 x64 Ultimate here haven’t noticeably degraded single monitor console operation with Aero Glass enabled, nor has it hurt Remote Desktop operation (which disables composition and is akin to single monitor operation).

      No real revelation here, just a data point.


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      Another data point:  We rolled out this patch for Win 7 x64 on Friday.  Almost all of the workstations we service are dual or even triple monitor.  Not one of them shows any sign of this problem – but then the aforementioned PDF-Xchange is not on our application list.   What we do use are Bluebeam PDF products, and some Adobe Acrobat products.  We also use most of the AutoDesk building suite of products (AutoCad, Revit, 3dMax etc) and MS Office suite products – as well as a host of custom software for engineering calculations etc.

      So I am going to go out on a limb here and make a statement based on long experience with certain (ahem) application developers.  It’s one of my pet peeves.

      When you code commercial grade software for a large paying audience, there is a right and a wrong way to develop your product.  The right way includes (among many many other things) adhering to standards for the platform for which you are writing.  That means you avoid “cheats” that bypass supported API’s.  I’ve seen time and again where some big company used coding cheats, (and I can mention some pretty big, well known names) then had their product broken when that unsupported method was patched.  Sometimes these cheats use what turn out to be security exploits.  When those get fixed by the OS development team — the product breaks.  I’ve seen this problem happen with applications written for Apple, Microsoft and Linux platforms.  I think I’ve recently seen it happen on mobile operating systems (but I don’t have the tool-set to prove it.)

      So in this case — until I see evidence otherwise — I am pointing my finger directly at PDF-Xchange as the root cause of their problem.

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      @NetDef: So in this case — until I see evidence otherwise — I am pointing my finger directly at PDF-Xchange as the root cause of their problem.

      It’s a bit to simple, I guess. If you have read my blog post, not only PDF-Xchange is causing this issue. Also some JAVA applications, Mathlab, IrfanView, ACSee and other tools are coming with redering issues, if ‘desktop composition’ is off.

      Don’t tell me, that a JAVA developer has to manage Windows APIs to draw some forms. A German blog reader wrote within a comment:

      Dieser Workaround funktioniert. Alternativ lässt sich bei Java-Applikationen auch der Paramater sun.java2d.noddraw=false setzen, um java anzuweisen, die Grafikschnittstelle DirectDraw zu nutzen. Ansonsten wird GDI genutzt, wo scheinbar das Problem liegt.

      It mentions a JAVA launch option to force JAVA to use DirectDraw – the the issue is gone. Withount this parameter Windows GDI is used – it seems the issue is within GDI (or WDM).

      BTW: Also Office 2013 will have rendering issues on a 2nd monitor. Would you say, that Microsofts Office developers “cheats” that bypass supported API’s?

      Just my 2 cents 😉

      BTW: The bigger issue with KB 4034664: It breaks again the clients communication with WSUS, as some German blog readers reporting within comments.

      Ex Microsoft Windows (Insider) MVP, Microsoft Answers Community Moderator, Blogger, Book author


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        BTW: The bigger issue with KB 4034664: It breaks again the clients communication with WSUS, as some German blog readers reporting within comments.

        This is of larger concern to our company, I’m logging in remotely even now to do some testing to see if we got hit.  More info later (I hope.)

        Thanks for the heads up!

        ~ Group "Weekend" ~

        • #129284

          Keep us posted!

        • #129340

          Finished a set of tests on several Win 7 Pro x64 workstations on a domain with WSUS 4.x — and the deployment of KB 4034664 does not seem to be impacting the ability of our test subjects to obtain other updates from our WSUS server at all.

          Can anyone provide more information about what they are seeing?  I checked gborns blog and I did not see the WSUS related comments on the post about this KB.

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      For what it may be worth, Tracker Software Products have updated their PDF-XChange software (released yesterday and today), though I have no knowledge as to whether the issues described above have been addressed.

    • #129316

      A software I am one of the developers has the same issues. This is the detailed information as reported to Microsoft (minus the attachments):

      Edit: Please convert to text (.txt) before cut/paste from Word

    • #129336

      I have written a blog post with some background information on this problem and a list of known workarounds:

      Blog Post: Graphics Bug in Windows 7 after installing August 2017 Security Updates

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      • #129341

        Brilliant. Thorough and accurate. I’ll get this on Computerworld right away.


      • #129399

        Workaround: upgrade to Win 10…. Ha! 😀

        But how on earth can a “Security Only” update mess around with graphics?

        They are not trying to mess up my Win 7, are they?

    • #129347

      We have run into this issue on a handful of systems since applying the Security Only bundle for Windows 7 x64 last week.  So far our only report is most of the buttons in the Outlook 2007 toolbar disappear…

      None of the suggestions included in the awesome German blog actually apply here since the secondary monitors are not negative (I did not know you could do that). Also, one employee with local admin rights has the issue, but another one on the same hardware and image does not. (Different model monitors of course…and since this issue has occurred some IS folks are tinkering with drivers they would not have played with before).

      One employee did  have the Desktop Composition disabled and when enabled it did not make any difference.

      Lots of head scratching here…

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      Display settigs in my PCisplay in my PC

      Display in my PC

      I have installed:

      2017-08 Security Only Quality Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB4034679), Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB4034733)

      in my Windows 7 x64 HP Pavilion laptop, ca. 2011, 8 Mb RAM, 750 GB hard-disk, I7 4core CPU.

      I am using the Glass interface, as it works better with videos. I have my PC connected to a Samsung ViewSonic VX2573, and the settings are as shown in he attached screen grab.

      (Unfortunately, I have discovered that cannot insert that picture in this message, sorry.)

      I have used both monitors, the ViewSonic replicating the laptops’ screen (as I usually do), both in regular operation, and to watch videos from: YouTube, Netflix, and a movie on a DVD.

      So far: no problems whatsoever.

      Please, notice that the Control Panel Display adjustment screen does not look like the one in the Germans’ posting. I have no explanation for this difference.


    • #130162

      was this issue fixed by MS yet ?

    • #130245

      We experience a strange behavior other than BSOD at our company with rather old hardware.

      Win7 Embedded Standard
      Intel Core 2 Dua T9400
      Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family (driver version

      The setup has two monitors with the main monitor on the right side and the secondary monitor on the left side (negative display coordinates). Apparently, Java applications (compiled with jre7 and jre8) fail to be displayed/repainted correctly on the secondary monitor with negative display coordinates. Switching the secondary monitor to the right side of the main monitor, the application is displayed correctly. This behavior popped up after the August monthly rollup KB4034664 (including KB4025341) was installed. Uninstalling KB4034664 solved the issue. I tried to reproduce the behavior on other devices with newer hardware. There, everything worked as expected.

      EDIT html to text

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      Graphics Bug in Windows 7 after installing August 2017 Security Updates

      I use Windows 7 Pro. Before reading this article – It took me two days to establish that it is windows security update kb4034664 that causes annoying and various secondary monitor rendering problems. After uninstalling the update all returned to normal. I’ m certainly not “upgrading” to windows 10 to cure the problem only to be presented with more.

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      Woody, Microsoft has acknowledged the bug in their Known Issues for August and released a patch!  (Not yet tested since I could never reproduce the issue…but can collaborate with co-worker on Monday.)



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      ? says:

      don’t know where to put this so here it is. on one of my win7 pro laptops i noticed a second “ghost monitor” was set up. i don’t like weird microsoft things so i tried to get rid of the problem in the gui and in the registry. it kept installing non-generic monitor… i spent a while on the google and see the problem has been talked about since 2008 or 2009 with various “fixes,” available none of which solved my problem. the key HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Display\Enum was a mess with an ever growing list of monitors only one of which was native to my setup. since this is a virtual system key the only way i could (finally) delete it was to download  “Registrar Registry Manager” (a most excellent tool) and poof went the most stubborn “DISPLAY” key. on reboot everything was back to “normal” so. if anyone is having weird monitor problems save yourself some brain damage and look at this.

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      The BSOD problems that we saw here were on so varied setups/hardware that we couldn’t draw any one conclusion.

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      Wow. One out of three. In baseball if you hit .333 you’re a superstar. In OS patches, I think probably not so much.

      I agree with amraybt – it’s a little disheartening to have multiple unresolved issues floating around. Actually, I find it so disheartening that I’m in the process of getting Ubuntu 16.04.2 set up on my 2 Win7 computers. I hate to give up my current hardware, so I hope I can pull it off without it being another hassle that’s equivalent to, but different from MS.

      Otherwise I’m going to Apple/Mac or maybe Chromebook (although I personally don’t care for the Google browser).

      It’s all a shame because I actually like Win7, and I would have moved up to Win10 if MS had just treated me decently and not tried to ram it down my throat. Well that, and if they hadn’t made such a farce of the product.

      Apologies if I’ve gone too far off topic. I won’t be offended if a moderator trashes or moves this post!

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      I was one of them, refering mysterious BSOD on old hw, this morning that hw/mobo died completely, So false possitive in my case, I guess


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