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    I am running TB 115.5.1 and I have been noticing an issue that I can’ seem to figure out. I have several folders – my Inbox and Trash along with a few I created like News. When I download email, it is filtered into the various folders as it should be.

    When I am in Inbox, the new mail comes in, but if I go to a different folder and then return to Inbox, it sometimes jumps back in time about 6 weeks and is showing email from then. I have to scroll to the bottom to find the most recent email.

    Why doesn’t it stay where it was when I switch folders – why does it jump back so many weeks if I leave Inbox and then return to it after looking at a different folder?

    It doesn’t seem to happen if I start in another folder, poll for mail and then go to Inbox – if there is new mail there, it will start at the bottom of the list, but when I start in Inbox and then go to another folder and then back to Inbox, it sometimes jumps back to another time.

    This isn’t an issue with it finding the last unread email and jumping to it – there are read and unread emails scattered throughout the Inbox. I can’t seem to figure out why it happens sometimes and not others.

    Any ideas on this weird question??


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      My TB stays on the last email selected as I swap between folders. The only time I find it in a strange place is after a search which I then cancel. As one of the found emails was last selected, it is now hidden by all the other mail.

      cheers, Paul

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      Thanks Paul. With mine – it seems that no matter if I leave new mail unread, or select an email to read, and then go to a different folder and then back to Inbox – it nearly always seems to jump back in time – around 6 weeks ago in most cases. I can’t find any consistent way to be able to go between folders and not have this happen. Very strange. Maybe the large number of emails in the folders is somehow causing it?

      I’ll keep trying to find a pattern of download email, open and read, go to other folders and back to Inbox to see if I can find the right combination.

      Thanks for the help!

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