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    I have been happily using Thunderbird for the past year or so without any problems.

    A couple of weeks back, my Windows 10 desktop PC suffered a heart attack.

    During it’s stay in hospital, a new hard disk was fitted, with my contents then reloaded.

    Unfortunately, it has become my task to reinstall and reload my Thunderbird email application.

    Okay …shouldn’t be a problem …

    I go to the Thunderbird ‘Setting up your existing email address’ screen.

    I fill in the relevant boxes for name, email address, and password.

    I then hit the ‘Continue’ button.

    At this point a message saying ‘Looking up configuration’ appears, along with progress dots.

    After a few moments, a green message box appears with a tick and a message in it saying .. ‘Configuration found by trying common server names’.

    Beneath that message it has two options available.

    The first option is IMAP (which has been auto selected).

    The second option is POP3 (which is not auto selected).

    I then hit the ‘Done’ button.

    A message appears saying .. ‘Checking password’, … along with progress dots.

    After a few moments, “Checking password’ is now ticked and in a green box.

    Simultaneously, a yellow box appears beneath it saying ..’Unable to log in at server. Probably wrong configuration, user name, or password’.

    I then re-hit the blue ‘Done’ button to which it repeats the above result.

    Can anybody here possibly help me resolve this situation ??





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      First check you can login to the webmail to check the password you have used.

      It may be easier to setup the email manually if the auto setup won’t work. Go to the webmail help to check the configuration for local email.

      Alternatively, restore your old TB configuration and email.

      cheers, Paul

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      Thank you Paul T.

      After my mucking around for several days beforehand, it turned out that your advice was right.

      I was simply using the incorrect password.

      All my emails have loaded now, mercifully.

      One new issue. …

      I can’t send any emails currently.

      At the point of sending an email, a message box pops up with the following message within it…

      Send Message Error

      Sending of the message failed.

      Unable to communicate securely with peer: requested domain name does not match the server’s certificate.

      The configuration related to mail.xxxx.com.au must be corrected.


      Any ideas what is necessary to resolve this issue ??


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      Your email client uses a secure connection which relies on a certificate provided by your mail server – much the same as a web page has a certificate when you use HTTPS.
      The certificate used by your mail server does not match the server name in your mail client, thus the error.

      Check your mail provider’s help pages for details of the SMTP server configuration and certificate issues – or ring them up.

      cheers, Paul

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