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  • Thunderbird Quandary

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    A friend has used Thunderbird mail client for years.  Her primary desktop machine went into the shop for an extended period.  She was using Thunderbird on a new laptop in the meantime.  Now the desktop is back, and we need to merge all of the saved emails and address book and folders from the laptop to the existing profile on the desktop.

    Unfortunately, most of the extensive documentation that comes up on searches deals with simply migrating one entire profile to a new machine, not merging newer with old.  The documentation is written in a dialect of geekspeak that I don’t understand (I was a Cisco networking guy for 29 years – speak fluent Cisco ios and can work wonders with routers and switches, but I don’t speak Thunderbird).

    How can I merge the stuff from the laptop to the desktop?


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      Piece of cake (lotsa crumbs, though) – both to have it and to eat it too!
      There are several ways, but this is the easiest I think. Just hang in there with the details.

      Do you know where to find the Mail folders?
      C:\Users\[log-on]\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\[8-chars.Profile-name]\Mail\[Account Name]

      To start with: Desk: Thunderbird not Open. Lap: TB is Open.

      On Lap: Rename each mail folder to a name that is not on Desk.
      – [Right Click on each mail folder > Rename]
      Example: Rename Inbox to Inbox-Lap. Send > Send-Lap. Etc.
      In Explorer, navigate to the mail folder.
      COPY to a USB drive everything within, except those with filetypes:
      — .dat, and .html
      Move the USB drive from Lap to Desk.
      On Desk, Explorer:
      Copy these files from USB to the Mail folder on Desk.

      Address Books
      On Lap: Address Book
      For each Address Book (there may be only two: Personal and Collected):
      Tools > Export. This opens up an Explorer panel.
      – In the left side, navigate to the USB device; this is where the AB files will be saved-to.
      – At the bottom of the Explorer panel:
      — change the name (append a [-Lap]?); and
      — change the Type (use the pull-down) from the default .csv, to LDIF; and
      — click on Save.
      Move the USB drive from Lap to Desk.
      On Desk: Open Thunderbird.
      Address Book > Tools > Import > [select] Address Books > Next > Text file > Next > navigate to the USB > Open.
      This will import in one operation all (two?) the address books.

      On Desk – Open Thunderbird if not already open.
      Mail: The [renamed mail folders from Lap] are in the list of Mails on the left side. Just [Move or] Copy the contents of each to the desired target mail folder.

      Address Books: Similarly, left-click-and-drag any unique Contacts from the “-Lap” AB to the desired target AB. Do note that this is a Move function: there is no Contact-entry Copy function.

      all of the saved emails and address book and folders

      I’m missing the reference to “folders”, unless this means the email folders?

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      – OR –
      Automate (user-friendly UI) the above manual process with , which does the same thing under the covers. Good product.
      There is a bit of a learning curve, but it may be worth it when one is not familiar with, or comfortable with, using Explorer to poke around within a Thunderbird Profile.

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      I have used a free application known as MailStore Home for several years to archive my email from various clients. I have an archive of email I’ve chosen to keep which dates back to the late nineties. It will allow you to archive your Thunderbird, Outlook, etc. email and import those same archives.
      It is for personal non-commercial use. Just search the ‘net for “MailStore Home” for details.

      Image or Clone often! Backup, backup, backup, backup......
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