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    I’ve been forced to turn off the clock display there because there doesn’t seem to be any way to show only the clock. Instead, you get the Time, the Day and the Date. As I run my task bar on the right side of my screen, the “Time” display takes up 3 total lines of vertical space. Is there some way to only show the time? And preferrably on the top of the tray, not the bottom?

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      Check out TClockEx which should allow you to define exactly what you want, and more.

      (I’m somewhat mystified – I always thought the default was just to show the time anyway?)

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        I’ll second that. TClockEx lets you decide what you see, and how, rather than Bill saving you the effort.

        Seems like XP has taken the opportunity to enhance / improve / optimise a default here and a behaviour there in minor ways. Just enough to make your life that little bit simpler, while introducing just a hint of mystery.

        As noted, when all three lines of the clock are visible, you get the time, weekday, and date. If you’ve reduced the taksbar height so only two clock lines are visible, you get the time and weekday. Great for those of us who can never remember what day today is, but can recall the date at the drop of a hat.

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          >> As noted, when all three lines of the clock are visible, you get the time, weekday, and date.

          I’ve XP(Pro) at work and home and prior to installing TClockEx, never got more than the time by default. Mind you, I have stuck with the Classic look so far….

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        I’m not sure what’s happening here, either. My XP system presents only the time in the system tray.

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          On mine, if I drag it to more than one line the “Time, Day, and then date” appear. I think this appeared with SP1 for Windows XP.
          As I can NOT drag it to two (2) lines, it will go from 1 to 3 lines no stopping at 2 lines.

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