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    Now that the “Get Windows 10” push is over, it’s a good time to thank Josh Mayfield for all the work he put into protecting everybody from the marched
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      GWX Control panel has been/ is a saviour to the windows 7/ 8/ 8.1 community of PC users who don’t/ didn’t wish to downgrade to windows 10.

      Simple interface with no installer.
      The reverse engineering/coding must have been a HUGE challenge with headaches.
      Great work appreciated!

      This is a keeper and a TSR (old dos analogy) app on my Windows 7 PC’s alongside GRC’s never 10.

      I, for one, salute you sir.

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      I concur wholeheartedly………. a magnificent effort and gesture to all of us….if you’ve read his blog you will see that Josh is someone who is very dedicated and calm throughout all the bruhaha that went on with MS and some commentators, but as I said his demeanour was spot on……… a gentleman!
      Thank you Josh for being there!

      Woody……… I am presuming that should I allow those GWX patches that are sitting in my Optional updates to install that I will see the above notice about Windows Upgrade Ending…….. not that I’m going to do that….. but also perhaps WU may very well remove them….. what would be your thoughts on that? Thanks again to you too for all you’ve done for us mere mortals……. you too have been a great inspiration and source of comfort to say least…… Gudonya! LT

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      Interesting times ahead. KB3123862 and KB3173040 are now expired/retired/pulled.
      KB2952664 is still available.
      If anyone else has further info about KB3035583 please post here.

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      I seldom use those “donate” buttons we see online, but in this case I did, some time ago.

      Josh has done a lot of good for the world and deserves our hearty thanks.

      I’m keeping GWX Control Panel running on my machines, just in case.

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      The GWX icon is gone on my test systems.

      I don’t see any new KB’s on the Windows Update list.

    • #38540

      Yep, that’s a screenshot of what the GWX icon shows on my test machines.

      I’m not sure what happens at this point. As ch100 notes, several patches are no longer available.

      I should get a separate thread posted on this. Hang on.

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      Prior to July 29, the hidden update list for my Windows 7 machine contained 2952664, 3035583, 3123862, 3173040. Now on July 30, only 2952664 remains. 3035583 was actively removed. Now I wonder if I should continue to hide 2952664; what is it still doing?

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      The GWX KB 3035583 is not showing in my optionals…. it was there say about an hour or so ago……. as I even had the window minimised as I had been looking but now, happily, it’s gone! But KB2952664 another GWX one is still there. This is on my Win7 pro laptop………. haven’t checked the Win8.1 ..
      my husband is watching an old Jack Benny show on YouTube… on the Win8.1 …so interruption at one’s peril!!! lol! But I must say I’m feeling quietly happy and relieved this whole hooha is more or less over! (Phew! – dare I say that !)

      PS… am currently checking out various Linux distros….Zorin seems to be interesting as it is
      v. similar to Win7…. and I thought to run it in Virtual Box….. and give it a whirl… LT

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      KB3123862 and KB3173040 are gone from my test machine’s hidden list.
      A combination of compatibility, telemetry, and Win Update Client patches are still there – assume that means they are still available (some are superceded):
      KB3138612 (still available?)

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      THANKS!!!! from me and all the people I take care of.

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      I’m not sure it’s really worth keeping now that THIS campaign from MS is over with.

      No doubt if/when they decide you really should have Win 10 again in the future they’ll be bypassing anything already known to thwart it in the next campaign.

      For all we know the ground work for the next chapter in this saga is already being pushed out in these lovely new “rollups”.

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      KB’s 2976978 and 3035583 are still on Microsoft’s page, but for how much longer?

      And a “Wizard of Oz” reference…

      Fortran, C++, R, Python, Java, Matlab, HTML, CSS, etc.... coding is fun!
      A weatherman that can code

    • #38547

      Thanks Guys.

      War is over? Hmmm…
      The frontal assault maybe.
      Leaving win7/8/8.1 to rot whatever their “commitment” to future support.
      Marching on with win10 to extinction.
      Heads in the Cloud – Feet in the Shozz!

      It ain’t over until…

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      That’s EXACTLY the song that was going through my head this morning when I woke up!

    • #38549

      Hi ch100,
      As of this morning (7/30) here in the UK, KB3035583 has disappeared from my uninstalled updates in WU.

    • #38550

      Mayfield for all the awards. He let me feel safe enough to turn Windows Update back on after I turned it off for five months. I’d gotten sick of googling every single KB number in the list every few days, so I decided the minute chance of malware was better odds than the guaranteed hassle of dealing with GWX.

      Still keeping the GWX Control Panel installed. Microsoft burned all their trust on what was already their second chance with me.

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      It’s not over until the fat lady sings – or the audience has left the hall, letting the orchestra (=MS) play on all alone.

      MS does not all of a sudden give up its policies and goals. And if the past 18 months or so have shown one thing, than that >>they cannot be trusted.<<

      Keep up your defences. Stay on your guard. DO NOT TRUST.

      And expect the next troubles already beeing prepared by MS.

    • #38552

      Very happy to donate. Thank you Josh for a great piece of work, and thank you Woody for keeping us up-to-date.

    • #38553

      I too thank god that GWX was available and have made a small donation to show my appreciation.

    • #38554

      Same here. Josh is to be commended for all of his assistance.

    • #38555

      Yes. Thank you so much, josh. That little tool has been a lifesaver.

    • #38556

      I just donated, but I wish I could also give Josh a great big hug. I don’t even know how much time and headache it saved me, but I know it is a lot.

    • #38557

      what wdburt1 said, x100.

    • #38558

      Those 3 patches are no longer available, but there is no automatic action to remove them yet.
      Remember KB3024777 which was released only to remove KB3004394? There may be something similar happening in the future, although the reason for KB3024777 was that the “bad” patch KB3004394 was not uninstalling gracefully.
      I think the best action for now is for everyone who believes that any of those 3 Windows 10 campaign patches are installed to go through the list and uninstall if any is installed intentionally or by mistake.

    • #38559

      Woody, thanks for the heads-up on making a contribution to Josh Mayfield for his splendid efforts (which I’ve done).



    • #38560

      Thank you Woody for getting this out to us Windows 7 users. And I’ve donated to Josh Mayfield to thank him.

      Appreciated the reminder!



      P.S. Steve Gibsons’ Never10 also worked.

    • #38561

      If you use Never10, by all means, give Steve a tip, too!

    • #38562

      Still waiting for the next Patch Tuesday and the one after which is supposed to be the main one for August 2016…

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      According to my observations, KB2952664 is assessing the compatibility of the installed software with Windows 10 with the view that the Windows 7 installation will one day be upgraded to Windows 10 and this is not related to the free offer. This is the reason why it gets updated often, when more information at Microsoft becomes available every now and then. If it is useful or harmful or just an annoyance, I don’t know. I am not currently installing it and it is the only update which I do not install, although I tend to think that it is benign without the GWX updates. This does not mean that we will not see new updates using KB2952664 in the future.

    • #38564

      Thank you.

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