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    I have been a longtime user of the TabMix Plus (TMP) addin in Firefox.

    I especially like to keep many tabs open, usually around 60 or so. I use the tabs as a sort of bookmarking system for things I want to check on and so they stay in my face (or I will likely forget about them).

    TMP allows me to do this with their multi-line tab tab display format, which shows all the websites in rows of tabs. Right now, I have 66 tabs showing in 7 rows (I do keep most of them unloaded).

    However, the problem with this is that I lose browser display screen space with all the tab rows.

    In old FF 3.6.x, I had a custom style which hid the tab rows unless I bounced the mouse off of where they were hiding (top or bottom). Unfortunately, this style functionality did not work in modern FF and no one who offered to help was successful in getting it to work again.

    Recently, I posted about the problem on the TMP forums. The TMP developer has committed to adding the mouse bounce functionality to a future release of TMP.

    Meanwhile, the developer and one of the admins created and posted a couple of custom buttons that will hide the multi-row TMP tabs, on either the top or bottom of the browser window!

    If you are a TMP user, you can install these buttons from here:


    The buttons work with TMP multi-row displays in both FF and Pale Moon (at least 32 bit, which I am using) latest releases.

    Hope this helps some people as it did me.

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