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    This weekend I’ll want you to check if you are being impacted by either of these two browser bugs that popped up recently. Video here The first has to
    [See the full post at: Tips for the weekend – Browser checkup – January 15, 2022]

    Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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      The firefox issue has been going on for some time (at least in nightly/developer editions). Maybe 10 months?
      They said it was fixed on cloudflare’s end but it never ended up working properly.
      I’ve had it disabled in Firefox Developer Edition since April 2021. Very concerning that they appear to have shipped such a broken feature to release channel users.

    • #2418561

      Earlier today, Firefox became unresponsive due to a change in defaults by a cloud provider which triggered a Firefox HTTP/3 bug. We disabled the configuration change and confirmed this fixed the issue.

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      I have Edge 97 but don’t have Commands\on-logon-autolaunch like you show. Values are not set in my Edge 97. Windows 10 Pro 21H2

      As for Fx, I’m on Fx 60.9ESR so don’t have that setting. I have current Fx Portable so I’ll close this version and check it.

      On Fx Portable I have Fx 91.4 ESR and that setting does not exist on it.

      I’m glad I wait and do not get the latest version of browsers immediately.

      • #2418579

        @Mele20, I have the same Edge 97 problem (Version 97.0.1072.62). I have ‘on-logon-autolaunch’ registry entry but no ‘AutoRunOnLogon’, just ‘CommandLine’.

        Fx at 96.0.1 now but no http3 problem noted prior to that.

        Dell Inspiron 7580 i7 16GB Win 10 pro 22H2 (19045.3930), Microsoft 365 Version 2401 (17231.20182) Location: UK

      • #2418584

        Win10 Pro 21H2 with Edge 97 (v97.0.1072.62) and there is no Commands\on-logon-autolaunch key in my registry.

        However, there is a Commands\on-os-upgrade key with AutoRunOnOSUpgrade and CommandLine entries.

          AutoRunOnOSUpgrade = 1

          CommandLine = a cmd command that runs the Edge setup.exe program.

    • #2418565

      I believe the FireFox HTTP/3 bug in version 96.0 was just fixed in the latest version 96.0.1 released on 1/15/22 as reported by Martin Brinkmann on ghacks.net

      Win7 - PRO & Ultimate, x64 & x86
      Win8.1 - PRO, x64 & x86
      Groups A, B & ABS

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      However, there is a Commands\on-os-upgrade key with AutoRunOnOSUpgrade and CommandLine entries.

      Yeah, I have that also. So, does that mean that if we stay on Windows 10 that we won’t have to deal with this? Only if we move to Windows 11?

    • #2418600

      Here is what my Registry looks like at that location:
      Edge Version:
      Maybe this is just on Domain connected computers?

      May the Forces of good computing be with you!


      PowerShell & VBA Rule!
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      • #2420927

        I see something similar and what I did before I got here. I am behind so on Win10 Pro 20H2 64-bit.

        Originally I went in to have a look and there was nothing in Path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\EdgeUpdate\Clients\{56EB18F8-B008-4CBD-B6D2-8C97FE7E9062}\Commands\ . So I used regedit to add key “on-logon-autolaunch” and made a mistake. Next I saw a 3 keys added: “on-logon-autolaunch”, “on-logon-startup-boost” and “on-os-upgrade”. Both “on-logon-autolaunch” and “on-logon-startup-boost” have the “AutoRunOnLogon” set to 1 while “on-os-upgrade” has “AutoRunOnOSUpgrade” set to 1. I changed “AutoRunOnLogon” to zero and you can see the 3 current keys.

        The 2 “AutoRunOnLogon” Registry keys deleted after I set the values to zero.

    • #2418636

      I had no problems with Firefox 96.0.  Still waiting for .1.

      Edge – what Edge? 🙂


      • #2418676

        To get FF 96.0.1, simply click on the “Help” item after clicking on the “Hamburger” icon on the right side of FF’s open window and then select the “About Firefox” item. That will both tell you the current version of FF that you’re running (96.0 per your statement) and should also provide you with a button to click to download and automatically install the update that will take you from 96.0 to 96.0.1.

    • #2418659

      Well, I am using MSEdgeRedirect on my Windows 10 Pro 21H2 system and even though I do still have an Edge icon to click, MSEdgeRedirect does such a good job that I always get Chrome to open even when I click on the Edge icon.

    • #2418669

      I’m on Win 10 21H2 Pro x64 fully updated through December’s patches (build 19044.1415) with FF 96.0.1 and Edge 97.0.1072.62 and have had no issues mentioned in Susan’s blog post. Even in FF 96.0 I didn’t notice any problems accessing sites.

      I do have both Task Scheduler entries mentioned and the first one has two separate triggers which it’s always had. No problems whatsoever with Edge launching when I or anyone else log on to the computer.

      I have the registry key mentioned, with the path ending in the \on-logon-autolaunch key, but I don’t have the DWORD value mentioned in Susan’s  blog post, only a REG_SZ command line entry, exactly as shown in @RetiredGeek ‘s post above. Because of this, I’m with him in that I think the Edge autolaunch issue is limited to machines that are Domain joined.

      • #2418690

        Mine are domain joined at the office and I’m not seeing it there.  Maybe on certain versions of Windows 10?

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

    • #2418680

      I have not had the error with Firefox, but I have been getting Edge opened at startup.   Like several others above, I did not have that registry Dword.   However, I just added it under the folder of the same name.  I will see if this fixes the issue.

    • #2419009


      It’s Microsoft trying to copy Avast’s trick with their “Secure browser”. Open it automatically when Windows start and people won’t notice they are using your monetizing browser. Wow, would they aim low if that was true. The thing is… I am really not sure if this joke is more true or false, especially considering the last few years of similar “oops” moments.

      What, clicking X on a Window doesn’t mean “go ahead, stop bugging me and install Windows 11? Oh, probably the new intern didn’t get the memo. Everybody else knows about it from Windows 10.”

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