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    If you have problems with Windows 10 (and, eh, who doesn’t?) here are my ten top picks for fixes. InfoWorld
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      Awesome list Woody!!!

      Have you been looking at my computer, or do great minds think alike, LOL???

      You should sub-title the article “10 Steps to Becoming a Real Windows Geek” 🙂

      I build my own desktop PC’s, and use all of those tools. They are indispensable. I have been especially fond of Sysinternals ever since Mark uncovered the Sony audio CD Windows rootkit fiasco.

      History: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sony_BMG_copy_protection_rootkit_scandal

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      I’ve been a huge Russinovich fan since the Sony rootkit days.


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      Some additional tips for using the Sysinternals Process Explorer and Autoruns …

      In Process Explorer you can select and add columns (right click on column header row) to display “Verified Signer” and “Virus Total”. Then under the options menu you can check both “Verify Image Signatures” and “Check Virus Total”.

      When you run Process Explorer you will now see the code signing and Virus Total status for every item in your running processes list.

      This method is similar in Autoruns, but you get the results for every service, driver, scheduled task, codec, etc. in your PC. Select Options> Scan Options> and then check “Verify code signatures” & “Check VirusTotal”.

      Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy to know what’s really running on your PC, right?

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      Thanks! Great addition….

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      Your “Top 10Top 25How To” lists are marvelous. Even though I use many, I sometimes forget (happening more often lately) some of the tools and tricks.


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      You should try Process Hacker (http://processhacker.sourceforge.net/) instead of Process Explorer. It’s a high quality open source workalike with a lot of additional features and support for plugins. I’m surprised how many people haven’t heard of it.

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      I’d never heard of it… looks interesting…

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      Bookmarked this for donwload when I’m in Windows. Great find!

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