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  • “Topic replies” counter inaccurate

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    This morning I refreshed Woody’s home page to see the new posts and topics. The topic “DRM Converter problems” caught my eye, so I right-clicked on it to open in a new browser tab.

    It was a brief though interesting discussion, but I noticed that while the line above the first post that gives the number of replies said there was 1 reply, the thread actually had 2 replies at the time, for a total of 3 posts. Fortunately, the thread was short enough to show in a single screenshot:


    I then went to a thread I’d left open overnight, “Patch Lady – Office 365 ATP this shouldn’t be missed“. Before refreshing the page, I took note of the number of replies (7). After refreshing, the count went up to 8, meaning there would be a total of 9 posts (the thread started and 8 replies). Except that there was a total of 10 posts, including 9 replies.

    One of the new posts in the Patch Lady thread was from an anonymous guest. Hmm… so I returned to the DRM thread–and, as it turns out one of the posts there is from an anonymous guest. Could it be that the post counter is missing anonymous posts, or at least new anonymous posts?

    My guess is that the changes recently made to the inner workings of the forum software (as discussed here) have somehow messed up the post counter, such that anonymous posters don’t get counted. What is not a guess is that the post counter is no longer working properly.

    While cramming text lines together may affect readability for some people but not bother others, getting the post count wrong indicates that something is objectively broken.


    • This topic was modified 1 year, 7 months ago by Cybertooth.
    • This topic was modified 1 year, 7 months ago by Cybertooth.
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      There may be changes going on under the hood. Profile information looks different.

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      The most entertaining was the  “0 voices 1 post” I noticed March 25th.  🙂

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      Comments are also disappearing with great rapidity, after one makes one correction and posts it again. This has happened to me twice today and once to another lounger I was replying to with one of mine. PK restored all three and explained that if one posts a comment and then starts correcting it too soon, the software that manages the forums “thinks” one is making multiple postings fast, marks the comment as “spam” and deletes it, and as I have also found out, keeps on deleting it whenever it shows up again, if someone tries to post it once more.

      This started to happen, that I’ve noticed, two days ago. It did not happen before that, again, at least that I’ve noticed. It looks like something may not be OK, right now, with the software in question.

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