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    I don’t know Woody. Since you started this ‘Lounge’ thingy, I am just totally confused………I seem to be going round and round and round.
    Can’t find links where I expect them to be at the top …..round and round it goes.
    Life was so simple before…I got up a while ago, think I need another lie down.
    Hope I don’t miss the important updating info I rely on…..

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      While I’m not *totally* confused, the recent changes have made it more of a challenge to find what may be of interest to me. I’ve been a long time reader of “Ask Woody” and the main reason I put this site at the top of my PC Info folder was that it loaded very quickly and the recent topics were right up front. I suppose Woody will eventually get things sorted out but, for me, it’s just as easy to just tolerate the ads of ZDnet, Cnet and the rest of the run-of-the mill tech blogs. Simplicity was your strong point, Woody, please don’t get too carried away. Oh, I’m not giving up, I’ll just keep an eye on things for a while to see how it all shakes out.

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        I’m very concerned about bloat – and I think that’s what you’re seeing.

        If you think of this as the old AskWoody blog, with a forum tacked on the side, I hope it’ll be less confusing. There are blog posts, just as you’re accustomed to seeing, with a link at the top of each post for making comments.

        If you stick to just that part, you’ll be in familiar territory. I hope. Try to put on those blinders and see if it helps.

        In the past, I had to personally approve every post made on the site. Sometimes posts would sit for a day while I was off doing something else. Now, if you’re registered, your post appears immediately – and for those who prefer to post anonymously, the MVPs are doing extraordinary work.

        Also, searching for stuff in the comments was horrible. It’s a whole lot better now.

        So even if you don’t take advantage of the forum appendage, I hope you find the new method much better than the old. I hope.

        Keep me posted on how it’s going.

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          When I want to simplify back to the “old” ways I just click the “Home” button (near top left) and scroll down what Woody has posted. That Home button is on every page.

          It very much feels like the old site… I can scroll down and open the new posts that interest me. Just so I don’t get lost (oh, I’ve gotten lost some), I tend to right click and open a post in a new tab.

          Then, if I want to see what everyone else says, I click on Comment on the AskWoody Lounge. That took me a little while to figure out, because I thought it was only if I wanted to comment. Instead, it opens up all the comments to that post, and I can read through them as I want. I find that works for me better than the Forum that opens up when I sign in. It has the same content as if I navigate to the Forums page, then click on the AskWoody Blog.

          Non-techy Win 10 Pro and Linux Mint experimenter

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