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  • Trying to print two Excel half-page spreadsheets on ONE piece of paper – and hopefully a PDF file.

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    Home Forums AskWoody support Productivity software by function Trying to print two Excel half-page spreadsheets on ONE piece of paper – and hopefully a PDF file.

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      AskWoody Lounger

      I have two separate Excel spreadsheets that each take up half a (printed) page. The column and row widths are completely different in each (so I can’t just copy one sheet below the other). I’ve set margins to allow Sheet 1 to print on the top half of a page, Sheet 2 the bottom half. To print, I would just run the paper through twice, so both sheets end up on the one piece of paper. (For example, a crossword puzzle, where the clues are from one spreadsheet and the grid from another, each with different formatting.)

      I want to do the same thing, but create a PDF that combines them both on the same page (i.e., “Print as PDF”). I could print the two-pass, one-paper page and then scan it to a PDF, but the quality loss is unacceptable. Same with copying and pasting into a new file.

      The scan I’m including shows the desired result – the top 2/3rds is a separate Excel sheet from the bottom third (the answer box grid). This is my annual Christmas “card” that I’ve always snail-mailed, but this year I want to also have it as a downloadable PDF. Example:!AgCTbLJh09_XkQcW1L8Pz8H-9BCh

      Is there a way to combine both sheets into one “Print as PDF” file without having to lose quality? (This is my Christmas “card,” so time is of the essence!)

      When I use the “Combine files” option in Acrobat DC, the two sheets come out as separate pages in the PDF.

      Help! And thank you all in advance, very very much! Happy holidays! — Ron

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      Graham Mayor

      The fact that you have posted this in a Word forum suggests the way forward. Copy the areas of the worksheet in turn and Paste as a Picture into a Word document, one above the other. The only thing to note here is that Word will shrink the image to the width between the current margins, so the aim will be to ensure that the worksheet area copied is not larger than the area between the margins or there will be some compression.

      Add your text at the top and save as PDF.

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      Andrew Lockton

      Graham’s suggestion is sound but you don’t need to use Word if you prefer to stay in Excel.

      In Excel, you can copy the second page as a Picture and paste it onto the First page so they are together. To do this, add a button on your Quick Access Toolbar for the command called ‘Copy as Picture’. Once this is done, you can select the content and then click that button to copy the selection as a graphic. You will be prompted to choose the format/resolution. IMO, Picture and for Printer will give the best result but your mileage may vary. You can then paste that image to the other page and resize to suit.

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      Another choice may be to create 2 half-page Text boxes in Word then Copy each spreadsheet and Paste in each Text box. Readability may be an issue.

      Before you wonder "Am I doing things right," ask "Am I doing the right things?"
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      Thread moved to ‘General Productivity’ – it really has nothing to do with Word Processing, per say.

      Paul Edstein
      [MS MVP - Word]

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      AskWoody Lounger

      You can print multiple Excel sheets on page. I haven’t done it for a long time, but I think this procedure may work:

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        AskWoody Lounger

        Thank you all for your suggestions!
        Unfortunately, the way I have the two spreadsheets formatted for printing (Print Areas) will need some work. Vincenzo’s idea and link provide the most readable results, however I will have to experiment with the sizing of each sheet to make them compatible (i.e. same size in the printout). Here’s the first result. The two frames need to go, and the sizing (width) of each part needs to be widened. I think it will be great when I can work out the size issues! I’ll post the final result here as soon as I get the details right!
        Worth noting: I posted the same message on the Adobe Acrobat forum a day before posting here, and while it got about 30 views there, not one person replied. It just goes to show how valuable a resource THIS forum (and site) is, and how wonderfully generous you all are with your time and advice!!
        Thank you again, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! — Ron!AgCTbLJh09_XkRIj-Se4zjdodICe


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