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    Ends up there’s a reason why the KB article and the Windows Update site weren’t updated until a day after the new “Get Windows 10” nagware/malware was
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      I have always hidden Windows Update KB3035583 since uninstalling it last July. Interestingly, my list of hidden updates on Windows Updates now displays 2 versions of KB3035583, both Recommended updates, but one has a Size of 721 KB – 820 KB, while the other one has a Size of 721 KB – 821 KB.

      My computer’s OS is Windows 7 Pro, SP1.

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      Same here.

      I mentioned in the request thread that when clicking on the “More information” link on the latest one the Update section stated it does NOT replace a previous update.

      So much for that fishy smell in Denmark… it looks like it really didn’t.

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      GRRR, the new actual KB3035583 patches released this late February 2016 for Win7 & Win8.1 are “V3”.

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      UH-OH! Woody, tell fellow reader RD to REMOVE/UNINSTALL Microsoft Security Essentials v4.9.218.0 [KB3140527] IMMEDIATELY! This new version of MSE is causing major problems on Vista/Win7 computers as noted in this MS forums page, and possibly rendering MSE program ununsable. Revert back to the previous version ( by using System Restore or use the older version of the MSE installer to install the older version.

      AVOID INSTALLING Microsoft Security Essentials version, folks! v4.9.218.0 of MSE is NOT yet available as a standalone download from the MSE web site and still offers the more stable v4.8.204.0.

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      When I decided to limit updates to Security Updates, Microsoft Security Essentials–installed on my second desktop computer–had to go. As I recall, there was a hint at the time that MSE updates might reset my Windows Update settings, and that was enough for me. In any case I wanted to limit updates to Security only. That computer is now protected by a paid-for program.

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      Hi, Here in Holland too this 3035583-surprise,

      reappeared for the x-time:
      says:: recommended update, not checked, and searched for info from this update page– it came with the “new” txt its for the upgrade to W10, PLUS a popup-bonus ‘-( for a readers survey…. I wasn’t in te mood for this nonsence.

      Have a great day, and keep up this good work Woody. regards Fred

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      I’ve heard rumors of snooping via MSE, but never seen any evidence of it. Haven’t heard of MSE resetting WU.

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      I’ve now been offered this one today- optional, unchecked and italicised. I’ve hidden it as before.

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      That link doesn’t offer any substantive evidence of any general problems with the new version of MSE. I’ve continued to run definition updates and scans quite normally so see no reason to uninstall it and reinstate the previous version. I always install the definition updates from the MSE program rather than from Windows Updates.

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      kb 3035583 was checked in regular updates.
      win 7/64

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      Same thing happened on both my desktops today. I’ve also hidden it yet again. This piece of malware is harder to kill than the ebola virus.

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      Woody, this one has had so many comments posted about it, that I’m not certain now that “they” should remain in the “hidden” status or not. Can you please clarify this? To say I’m confused is putting it mildly. I have it listed twice (different sizes).

      I’ve had them hidden ever since they first appeared.

      Thank you again!!

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      It appears the bottom line for KB 3035583 is to always hide it, whenever and however it appears.

      Thank you for all of the good information, as always!

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      It was also checked in most of my Win7 machines except one of them when I did a Windows Update scan on Feb. 24. Hid the new version of KB3035583 again.

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      No need to hide them, unless it makes you feel more secure.

      Run GWX Control Panel, and wipe out the whole mess.

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      Woody, could you address the MAPS settings in MSE sometime? I have selected “I don’t want to join MAPS,” but the default opts you in, I believe.

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      I think the MAPS setting, like the CEIP setting, has become pretty much obsolete. Of course, you should turn all of it off, but there’s much more at work these days.

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      I think MSE/Defender is recommended to be disabled if there is a third-party antimalware solution installed. The third-party solutions have their share of snooping and advertising, so no gain here.
      As I am not quite convinced that any antivirus is very helpful, I would not go so far to install a third-party one. Few years ago it was a different situation. I tried most of them and I thought that Avira was the best trade-off between effectiveness and bloat at that time.

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      I see this is an older post, but as this thread appears to be reactivated by a new post including Woody’s reply, just mentioning here that the buggy version has been fixed by a newer update KB3153224, version

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