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    LANGALIST By Fred Langa A PC’s owner suspected overheating as the cause of unwanted shutdowns, but they continued even after excellent troubleshooting
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      Lot of notebooks today don’t have proper cooling systems for 4 or more core CPU’s. Not if the demands are maxing out all the cores at once. The rapid rise in temps can either cause throttling, or can possibly cause the shutdowns. PC makers seem way more focused on designing a quiet machine vs a cool one. Gambling that very few times will the end user require the CPU to max out and relying on throttling to protect the CPU if it does.

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      I have been servicing laptops a number of years  If the fan has good airflow, the odds are the thermal grease between the CPU and the heatsink has dried up.  I know some use a pad, but the principle is the same.  If you can afford to, then of course, I would do both. But if you are on a budget like me, just fix that thermal connection between the heartsink and the CPU and you will be good to go

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      The free utility CoreTemp will tell CPU temperatures and verify that high temperature is the cause of the laptop shutdown.

      But I have to get on my soapbox again and ask if the rest of the laptop hardware is in A-OK condition, with special focus on the health of the hard drive or solid state drive.  Numerous free utilities including Speccy and Belarc Advisor provide detailed SMART (SelfMonitoringAnalysis, and Reporting Technology<wbr />) data including reallocated sectors, sectors pending reallocation, sectors that cannot be reallocated for whatever reason, and other useful data accumulated over the life of the drive.  If any of the above SMART data elements are not zero, it is time to replace the drive.  Woe unto anyone who disregards this most important information and dives directly into software troubleshooting.

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      Many new laptops are foregoing fans for passive cooling; depending on the CPU I don’t think this is wise.

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      There used to be a common saying: ‘prevention is better than cure’.

      Stop calling them laptops.

      Stop using them directly on laps, quilts, soft furnishings, etc.

      Multiply the above x3 if the TDP of the device exceeds ~15 watts.

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