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  • Unsure How to Proceed re The Outlook 2010 Nov01-21 “Deadline”

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    Hello  — I tried to find a forum note that directly covered my questions but I  seem to be getting a mix of answers regarding my situation that covers owning Office 2010 and facing a deadline with the Outlook “death” for pre-2013 versions.  Since my main email address is gmail, I do have to worry about losing the use of Outlook 2010 on November 1<sup>st</sup>, right?

    And given I am now 72 and mostly retired, my need for a full office is probably not that that critical but still need it for stock analysis, family and charitable work (mostly Excel) and I do need the integration of tasks and other calendar functions I rely on in Outlook 2010 besides the obvious tracking of a large number of contacts.

    So the second question >> is there a Outlook-type replacement software app for me to initially try to avoid the problem with the November deadline for Outlook 2010?

    And third >>  If there is **not** a good Outlook replacement software took, what version of the Office should I go with?

    At the prices of $150-250 for Office 2021 that I saw mentioned here on AW, Office 2021 initially seemed like a good choice (please note I am definitely not interested in the annual-renewal for Office 365), but version 2021 seems to have a new installation approach that seems complicated and aimed at those that upgrade to Windows 11 – or do I misunderstand?

    I should note per advice  that I read here, I set the preference to stay on Win10 Pro/ 1H21 for now anyway  – does that complicate things?

    Also saw a mention that version 2019 was not recommended so that was my next choice. which seems not a good idea. Or again, do I misunderstand?

    Then there is Office 2016 which will have the old installation methodology  and I understand there are places on the web to buy and only costs $100 or so – any thoughts on that?  Besides that it will run out of support in 2-3 years?

    Apologies for running on, but as always, will appreciate any help.  One last note is that in the past always had a simple and low cost way when I went to some pre-2000 versions to 2003 and then to Office 2010 since a good friend was a former MS employee and could get the employee discounts.  Like so many things they are not as easy as they once were ….

    Endnote: my 3 yr old Dell Alienware system can be summarized as follows: Win10 Pro, Office Pro 2010, Alienware Aurora R5, x64based PC, Intel Core i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz, BIOS: Alienware 1.023 6-16-20

    Once again, apologies for running on but with this note I finally have all my questions together in one place – at least for now … TGH


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      Per official MS document:

      With Office 2010 end of support, security updates will stop. Office apps will work, but you may be exposed to security risks. Upgrading is recommended.

      You’re programs won’t stop working! They will only stop being updated. If you follow good security practices (Good AV/AM, Don’t download from unknown sources, Active Firewall, Think BEFORE clicking, etc.) you really don’t have a thing to worry about. Look at all the people still using Win 7 w/o issues.

      Your other option is Office 365 and if you watch for sales you can usually get for around $50 USD per year. I only buy on sale and always have my expiration date a couple of years out. Next sale just add another year. Since my Wife and I both use it it’s really a bargain especially when you consider it works on up 6 users and all their devices plus the 1Tb of OneDrive storage per user.

      BTW: I turn 72 shortly so it’s not some young whipper snapper offering this advice…LOL!


      May the Forces of good computing be with you!


      PowerShell & VBA Rule!
      Computer Specs

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        Thanks RG and others  — I think the comment by the Guest is the one that got me confused ala MS Exchange traffic from older Office versions will be the ones that stop working.  In any case, I am glad I don’t have to rush into anything.

        Still, I would like to upgrade at some point and RG’s thought on watching for sales of Office 365 is something to keep in mind and the $50 per year price point seems to be something I can get my head around. Is there a way to get an alert on O365 sales that are still reliable?  I used to use Google for this type of thing years ago but not sure if that is still the way to go – thoughts

        Thanks again RG for the laffff re “young whippersnappers” — pretty sure not too many folk here bought their first PC from a  “Computerland” in the early 80s 😉

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      I believe MS announced that access to Exchange Server would stop on 1 November.  If you are a stand alone home user like me, there should be zero impact and your outlook 2010 is fine.  It is likely to affect business users more.  It’s what I use and am not upgrading.
      updates stopped a year ago so you are already in that position and as stated above is likely to not be an issue.

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      Since Gmail is your primary address, all versions of Outlook will continue to work with it.  Microsoft 365 email addresses will need newer Outlook.

      Disable macros in any Microsoft Office if you can, to reduce viruses.

      On ebay I see boxed Office Home 2019 for $80 and Office Home 2016 for $70.  For the extra 3 year support 2019 is better.  These may not be for your business use, do your research.  Office 2021 should work fine with Windows 10.  Installing 2021 or 2019 is easy – it needs a Microsoft email address, but you can create one for only that purpose (preferably) and keep that login info in safe place, but that is all.

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      My personal practice is not to keep any sensitive financial or personal work or files on the same computer I use to go expose to the Web/Internet.  I have Office 2003 and Lotus SmartSuite on an old laptop with Win XP.  Of the two I still prefer the Lotus SmartSuite 123 and Wordpro.

      No need to keep anything constantly updated, I do all my work offline.  This may not work for you but just thought I’d run it by you.

      If it ain't broke, it soon will be, so be prepared.

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      O365 is a cloud subscription Office software.

      You may consider switching to the free (portable too) LibreOffice and replacing Outlook with the free Thunderbird mail app.

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      If I may offer one further suggestion, if you’re interested, 0patch Pro offers post-EOL/EOS patches for Microsoft Office 2010 when and where applicable:



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      There is another option.  While I don’t fully understand the market, you can buy Office 2019 keys from such websites as

      If you subscribe to their emails, they regularly send “50% OFF” offers, so that the above linked Office 2019 Pro Plus is $32.27.  This is from an email on 10-14-2021.  Office 2021 Pro Plus is $43.75.  Since learning of such sites I have purchased 2019 Pro Plus version of Office only, not older or newer.

      There is always a gotcha, right?  Yep.  If you ever have to reinstall Windows (same hardware, new OS drive, or just delete OS partition and start over on same OS drive), or change computers, you can never use the code again.  There are a bunch of such sites, and they all work the same for Office.  Once you install, it is guaranteed to activate.  And it will.

      Such sites also sell keys to Windows.  I assume because Windows ties the key to hardware, you can reinstall Windows as many times as you want.  I have successfully reinstalled Windows with these keys a number of times.  If it is too close to the last time, you may have to jump through the hoops of calling Microsoft, but it will work for Windows.

      My understanding is that these are keys from computers already sold and never used.  I think I have seen them referred to as grey market keys.  I don’t understand why Office keys only work once, every time, and never thereafter.  I have to assume these sites are legitimate or Microsoft would shut them down.  They have been around for several years that I know of.

      I have purchased both Office and Windows from several of these sites, and used on a number of computers.  Office only works for one install, and Windows works forever.  Great way to save lots of cash and get something currently supported.

      No risk to this purchase for the first install, just make an informed decision.  You can verify what I am stating by contacting the Help for this site before purchase, and others like it.  Ask if you ever need to reinstall Windows on the same computer with a new OS hard drive if Office will activate the second time.

      FYI.  I am NOT affiliated in any way with or any site or any business.

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      Just a quick note to thank everyone and the “guests” for their thoughts and ideas.  I know I need to take some action to update Office sooner than later, but just knowing that I don’t have to do anything in the next week or two is a major benefit — thanks again.  TGH

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