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    A member of our household once worked as a professional in the health field.  It has come to our attention that a search of this name generates a list of sites that show largely incorrect professional and personal info, listing so-called current employers, “contact” links, erroneous former addresses, and the like.  Most of this info is strictly imaginary.  Examples of these sites include the mostly generic mylife.com as well as health-related sites such as ehealthscores.com.  Is there a means to get this content removed from these sites?

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      Mods – This topic has nothing to do with Linux.

      Perhaps move to another forum. Although a more appropriate forum is hard to determine, maybe ‘Cyber Security’ would be the best fit?

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        Yes, I know it’s not Linux related.  Posted here hoping for a few more eyeballs, in particular by knowledgeable members who view this forum regularly.

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        Since your post is still here take a look at this:


        There are also links at the bottom regarding privacy, etc. My guess is that you may be in for a long slog, although your best bet may be to contact the data base referred to near the top. Sounds like that database provides info to a lot of sites. If you can “fix” the database you might be able to prevent info from being distributed from it.

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      As part of our avoid-anything-Google policy, we search online using DuckDuckGo, which emails us a weekly newsletter on privacy.  Today’s email included this link:

      Remove all your personal info from the internet: 6 steps to disappear for good

      This is the kind of info I’ve been looking for.  Since we’ve consistently avoided any of the social media, our online profiles are presumably somewhat smaller, but there are some steps listed that seem worth taking.

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