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    In both my computers, one 7 years old (Win 10) and the other brand new (Win 11), Google’s Chrome and Microsoft’s Edge fail to update.
    Chrome’s error message is:


    Edge’s error message is very similar:


    I already tried removing and re-installing Chrome, and repairing Edge. Makes no difference.

    Where should I go look for a solution (their “Learn more” doesn’t make me any wiser)?

    P.S. Firefox is my standard browser.

    1 Desktop Win 11
    1 Laptop Win 10
    Both tweaked to look, behave and feel like Windows 95
    (except for the marine blue desktop, rgb(0, 3, 98)
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      Probably a server side failure. No need to re-install.

      Both my Chrome and Edge checked for update fine.

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      Having both messages at the same time is interesting. I wouldn’t expect Chrome and Edge to update from the same server so it seems more likely you have an internet issue – you cannot get to some sites, including the update servers.
      Are you having issues with any other sites?
      How long has it been an issue?
      Do you have software that restricts internet sites / non-standard DNS?

      cheers, Paul

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      I’ve had this happen to me before (with both Chrome and Edge) and, normally if I close the browser, wait a few seconds until it completely stops (neither browser actually stops immediately when you close them), and then restart it, the update will complete normally.

      If you’re getting that error all the time, then obviously something else is wrong and you’ll need to look into it a bit deeper.

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