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      AskWoody Plus


      I am a more or less Group B user, but lazier than that, and since my Windows 7 machines seem to run okay I don’t do much at all. I use NordVPN on two windows computers. On computer A,  when I started to do the latest Nord update about 3 weeks ago, a window came up saying I needed to update my .NET. I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that. Chatted with Nord, they gave me the older version to reinstall (starting the update had removed it), I did so, and all was well (with nags to get latest version) until 2 days ago, when it stopped working again. Chatted with Nord again and they said yes my .NET is too old and I need to update it. I looked over my Windows update list and there is no mention of any .NET so I have no idea what frame is running.

      I decided to compare Windows 7 computer A with my Windows 7 computer B which I also use, the 2 sit side by side. Computer B has .NET 4.7.2 with latest update on 7/13/19.  I didn’t do the latest Nord update at all, and just kept using the prior version. It has not had any problems so far except for nags.

      So I am thinking I would like to install .NET 4.7.2 on computer A. I am not very savvy about this sort of thing. Can I just download from Windows and install it? there have been several updates to this framework, should I install them at the same time?

      another option is the new .NET 4.8. I don’t know if this is a better choice, ultimately, but if it is I am happy to do that instead, or in addition.

      Any thoughts are much appreciated.


      Computer A: Windows 7, SP1, 64 bit. (Computer B:  Windows 7, SP1, 64 bit) both have Avast free antivirus, Windows Explorer 11.

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      Da Boss

      I suggest you stay with .NET 4.7.2
      .NET 4.8 is not recommended for Win7.

      You can download it from Microsoft here.

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      AskWoody Plus

      Thank you, PKCano. Should I download the updates to 4.7.2 at the same time or start with the basic frame and then add the updates>


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        Da Boss

        My personal preference:
        Start the basic Frame, use Windows Update to do the updating.
        IMHO, it is best to let the Windows Update Rollups roll. 🙂

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      AskWoody Plus

      Update: well, mostly good news, which is that I now have the latest version of NordVPN installed with no problem. The odd thing is that instead of what I downloaded, .NET4.7.2, the computer installed .NET 4.8. If it doesn’t turn out to have any problems then I am okay with it. We shall see. Possibly one reason it installed 4.8 is that I had started to download it before I changed my mind and contacted AskWoody. I had stopped it and unchecked it, etc. But possibly if there is a more current .NET download in recent times, even a partial one, unless totally uninstalled, it will do that one instead.

      Never a dull moment with Microsoft. Thank you again for the help.

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      Thought I would give an update on Computer B, while we are on the topic of .NET frames. I was getting tired of the NordVPN nags to install latest version, and since Computer A seems to be okay with the update, which led to .NET 4.8, I went ahead and clicked the Nord install latest version on computer B, which has 4.7.2 and several, if not all, .NET updates to it. The same window for Microsoft .NET came up as happened on Computer A, and I clicked on it. I had thought that it would be a recent update to 4.7.2 but instead it is an installation of 4.8. In other words, if you want the latest version of NordVPN you will need .NET 4.8 or you will be nagged a great deal. I clicked to go ahead with the 4.8 installation, actually you are not told it is 4.8 until after you click, so it was already in process. So now Computer B, like Computer A, has 4.8. The latest NordVPN installed and so far the rest of my programs are working. I use very few on Computer B–Chrome and Office, as it is almost entirely devoted to writing text documents.

      Computers A and B: Lenovo Thinkpads, Windows 7 64bit .NET 4.8, NordVPN, Avast Free, Windows Defender

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      AskWoody Plus

      Well, I spoke too soon. I had .NET 4.8 on both my machines and was feeling pretty good! Then today I tried to log into a google hangout meeting, one I attend every week, and got a BSOD! I was just thinking about how I had never had one on any of my Windows 7 machines. I recovered from it, did a lot of virus scans, with AVAST and MSE, found nothing, cleaned things up. But I do need to be able to do these google hangout meetings. So now I wish to return to 4.7.2. (I have already successfully downgraded Nord to the prior version. Nags are better than crashes any day). I should have listened to PKCano. I have learned my lesson. I found a standalone offline downoad for 4.7.2. But I decided I should get some help before I try to downgrade my .NET framework. Advice much appreciated, humbly.


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      AskWoody Plus

      update: was able to go back down to .net 4.7.2 using standalone files from Microsoft. Quite simple as it turned out. Problem resolved!



      2 computers, windows 7 64bit Grp B

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