• Update not registering in Registry!


    Hey Y’all,

    I just noticed this anomoly.

    Yesterday (Jan 8th, 2021) I ran my PC Info program with these results:

    ---      Windows      ---
    Item                Value                                                       
    ------              -----                                                       
    OS Name             Microsoft Windows 10 Pro                                    
       Version          10.0.19041.685                                              
       Release ID       2004                                                        
       Bit-Width        64-bit                                                      
       System Root      C:WINDOWS                                                  
       Install Date     12/23/2020 10:26                                            
       Date/Time        1/8/2021 11:57                                              
       Time Zone        GMT -5 Standard time                                        
       Last Boot        1/8/2021 08:59 Cold boot from full shutdown                 
       Up Time          02:58                                                       
       Compacted        False              

    You’ll note the installed version is 2004 (20H1).
    Well today (Jan. 09, 2021) I updated to 2009 (20H2), all went well thank you, but it appears that it did not register the update in the registry. Below is the result of my Get-WinVer.ps1 program.


    You’ll notice that it shows I upgraded from 1909 not 2004 (20H1). Note: the screen shown shows the version you upgraded from. Thus my conclusion that the update did not register it’s actions in the registry.

    You can check your version update history with this PowerShell command:

      Get-Item -Path  "Registry::HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion"

    Anyone else see the upgrade to 2004 missing.

    May the Forces of good computing be with you!


    PowerShell & VBA Rule!
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    Viewing 3 reply threads
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