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    Last night, I had been on and off my PC over the course of a few hours. At one point I returned to it to find a black screen that would not “wake up.” although the power light was on and not showing the sleeping fading on/off indicator. After repeatedly attempting to awaken the computer with mouse and keyboard, I finally gently tapped the PC power button, which immediately turned it off.

    After 20 seconds or so, I pushed it again with fingers crossed (I had had a bad experience with this some time ago). When the screen came back on, it showed a Windows updating screen with the circling dots and percentage complete. The finished in about q5 seconds, the computer rebooted, and all seems well.

    But updates had been paused till month’s end, which I confirmed in update settings, which showed them still paused.

    What could be up with this?


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      Accidentally checking for updates in Windows Update.

      An incorrect system date and time.


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      This may be related.  On 01/08 I downloaded & installled the Dec 13 Updates to my ASUS running Win 10 Pro 22H2.  On 01/09, I paused updates out to Feb.  On 01/10 I double-checked settings and discovered my pause had been un-paused.  We have 4 computers in the house.  The un-pausing happened to 3 of them.  Now I’m checking every day and so far the pause is holding.  I’ve never had one of our computers un-pause itself before.  Microsoft changed something.  Mike

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      We see this all the time where paused were unpaused. Also noticed while installing 10 pro on machines last week that “Installing apps only from the microsoft store was set to “Store only” so for instance if you were not in the know you wouldn’t be able to install chrome etc. Ohhh how we love you Mr Microsoft …. 😉

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      Installing apps only from the microsoft store was set to “Store only”

      Sounds like Windows S.

      cheers, Paul

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      Sounds like Windows S.

      But also a recommended option in all editions of Windows 10 for nearly five years:

      Windows 10: allow apps from Store only analysis

      Yes but the check box was not ticked by default on new installations!

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