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  • Updates Related to Patch Tuesdays

    Posted on doneager Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

    Home Forums AskWoody support Windows Windows 10 Windows 10 version 1809 – September 2018 Update Updates Related to Patch Tuesdays

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        AskWoody Plus

        Should I be concerned with updates for the following items when they are NOT issued on Patch Tuesdays: .NET Framework, Servicing Stack, Adobe Flash? In other words, should these be considered as “Previews” and held for further approval by Susan or installed as soon as they become known unless Susan specifically recommends holding them? Does the designation “Preview” only apply to Win 10 (1809) Cumulative Updates?



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        Da Boss

        Cumulative Updates and Rollups released on Patch Tuesday are Security Updates and should be installed as directed (whether you follow Susan’s business patching or Woody’s DEFCON patching for the general public).

        Win10 Servicing Stacks will be automatically installed with the CUs on Patch Tuesday (even if they are released at a different time) if you are using Windows Update. If you are manually installing updates, they should be installed before the CUs.

        Adobe Flash Updates should be installed at the same time as the Patch Tuesday updates if you are using Windows Update.

        Any CU or Rollup released between Patch Tuesdays is a non-Security Preview (except in special cases) and should be installed for testing purposes only. The fixes in the Previews are rolled into the following month’s Patch Tuesday CU.

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        Thanks for the quick answer. I DO NOT use Windows Update and am following the metered connection 30 day SAC delay for Quality Updates. So, it would seem that:

        I should always manually install the Servicing Stack upgrades from the catalog as soon as I find out about them. They don’t appear to ever show up in the wushowhide app.

        I should always install Adobe Flash updates as soon as I find out about them. Change SAC Quality to 0 days and let them show up through wushowhide.

        You didn’t address the .NET Framework question.

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          Da Boss

          .NET updates fall with the CUs. Patch Tues are Security updates, everything in between is a Preview (unless there is a special occasion for a out-of-band fix).

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        Thanks for the response, however I’m still a bit confused by your answer. I don’t know what you mean by “.NET updates fall within the CUs.” Does this mean simply that they operate the same way as CUs in that they are also cumulative so that if one is missed, the next one will incorporate its content?

        I understand the concept that CUs NOT issued on Patch Tuesdays are “previews” and should normally be ignored unless there are emergent conditions. May I assume that this also applies to .NET updates since you said that they fall within CUs? In other words generally don’t install .NET updates that are NOT issued on Patch Tuesdays.

        Now I have been trying to determine which version of .NET I have installed with V1809. I think I read one place that it is 4.7.2 but in another place that it is 4.8. I tried searching the Net to get instructions on how to determine my version but what I found was too complicated so I gave up.

        In the last few days, there was a link on Woody’s that lead to a complete list of .NET 3.5 and 4.7.2 (with a few 4.8 included) updates issued for 1809. The issue dates in this list do not always agree with the dates in the Windows Update Catalog for V1809 so I’m confused as to which were issued on Patch Tuesdays.

        Also, there are two .NET 3.5 and 4.7.2 updates in the aforementioned list that I have no record of being mentioned in Woody’s or showing up in wushowhide. These are 4499405 and 4507419. Both of these postdate my upgrade to V1809. How can I determine when these updates are issued so that I can eventually download and install them?

        Finally, there are three of these updates: 4480056, 4483452 and 4486553, the issue dates for which are before I upgraded to V1809, are installed on my machine. I don’t understand how this happened.

        Sorry for the length of this post, but I’m really struggling to understand this process.

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          Da Boss

          .NET updates fall with the CUs.

          Sorry for the confusion. What I meant was the .NET patches released on Patch Tuesday are Security patches. The ones released in between are Previews.
          You do not have to worry about what versions of .NET you have installed on your machine if you update .NET through Windows Update. WU will give you what you need automatically.

          Finally, there are three of these updates: 4480056, 4483452 and 4486553, the issue dates for which are before I upgraded to V1809, are installed on my machine. I don’t understand how this happened.

          Those are .NET patches. If I had to guess, the version of .NET was transferred to 1809 along with the rest of your programs when you upgraded.

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        I do not use Windows Update in the usual way, but rather follow the recommendations of Woody and Susan re wushowhide, SAC, metered connection, etc. So I don’t install any update that hasn’t been “cleared” by them. So, my question is can I rely on them to advise when a new .NET update has been tested and deemed OK to install through the Master Patch List or some other method? Once an update is OK’d, I’ll reset SAC from 30 to 0 days and it should come through via wushowhide. Once there, I can remove Metered Connection and run Windows Update to download and install the patch.

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          Da Boss

          The Master Patch List and DEFCON are the guidelines you should use for patching.

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