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    UTILITIES By T B Capen This past October, I introduced my occasional Ultimate Utilities List to the AskWoody newsletter. Readers returned the favor by
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      Hello… A couple of “issues” with Backup Outlook:

      1. Very expensive compared to ToDo Backup.
      2. Neither can restore damaged task lists (at least I couldn’t figure out how to do it with default configuration)

      Hope this helps.

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      Some thoughts on the list of must-have utilities:

      1. I won’t use subscription software (except for anti-malware and VPN). There is no justification for “software as a service” except in the case of anti-malware products which require constant monitoring and updates. VPN requires constant server maintenance, so I’m willing to include that as well. I will not buy Office 365 or other SAAS products. After Office 2019 expires, I’ll migrate to WordPerfect (if it still exists)  or keep using an obsolete Microsoft product.
      2. Whenever I use Google Chrome I feel like someone is watching every keystroke. No Chrome for me.
      3. I don’t use Apple hardware (Iphone, Ipad, etc.) so I see no reason to install Itunes. There are many other MP3 mangers available. Itunes is also ill-behaved software, written with typical Apple arrogance. It behaves as though it is the most important program on your computer.
      4. PowerDesk Pro stopping working back in the days of Win7. It is now abandonware and should be taken off the list.
      5. As well as being too expensive, Directory Opus is hideously complex. Better choices for me are (a) AB Commander [paid] and (b) Free Commander.
      6. Nitro Pro looks to be a replacement for the full version of Acrobat Pro and I will probably wind up buying it. However, it does not offer a free PDF reader, which is what most folks are looking for. Perhaps Foxit Reader?
      7. NoScript is undoubtedly excellent software, but the default settings break every website I visit. I have not taken the time to learn how to configure NoScript. Far too complex for beginners.
      8. I believe Macrium Reflect Free is superior to the EaseUS and Paragon imaging products listed.
      9. I had no idea Agent Ransack and Copernic were still in development. Both appeared to have been abandoned the last time I looked.
      10. The new free version of Roboform is excellent. I have no need to sync across devices, so the free version works great for me. The only caveat is that the nag screens to buy the paid version are deceptive and frequent. They seem to peter out after several months.
      11. I think Private Internet Access is superior to CyberGhost as a VPN.
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