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    I got an old laptop HP PAVILION g7-2116sr   with Windows 7, can I somehow upgrade it?

    oddly enough, but now it has 6 GB of memory
    or does it make no sense?


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      Go online and find a service manual and flip through it to see if replacing any of the hardware items is in your skill set. I’m assuming this is a DIY project. Usually hard drives (HDD) are easy to replace. It’s likely your old laptop has a “trapdoor” on the bottom that allows easy access to the HDD.

      I have a 2009 HP pavilion dv2 1030 us laptop that came with Vista, but has since been converted to Linux Mint 19.2 Cinnamon. I swapped out the old HDD with a solid state drive (SSD) and the difference is amazing.

      You will have to contend with something I didn’t: getting your current Win 7 OS on the new SSD. You could use the original installation discs but then you’d have to install a bunch of patches. It will be easier to clone your current drive over to the new SSD. You’ll need a usb to sata cable for that and also some cloning software. Samsung and San Disk either come with or make available cloning software with/for their SSDs. (I simply backed up my files. Removed the old HDD, installed the new SSD, and then installed Mint.19.2 Cinnamon, and then put my backed-up files back on.)

      You could also try bring your RAM up to 8GB, but I’ll bet you’ll see a lot more bang for the buck with a new SSD (probably somewhere between 50 and 100 bucks for a 750GB SSD.)

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      Pretty much agree with DrBonzo completely.  A SSD is the key. Some additions.

      Yeah, you can do it.  I have a 17 in Dell from 2011 I upgraded to be a Linux mule.  It’s had, uh, not sure exactly, a lot of distros on it, twenty, maybe?  Had 6 GB RAM, too.  Intel i5 processor.  Mechanical laptop hard drives back then were painfully slow, the biggest improvement I made was swapping the HDD for a SSD.  Upgrading memory to 8 GB made some difference, 4GB ddr3 memory is cheap but the SSD was the killer upgrade.  I also had an unused wireless card I used to get n speeds instead of g.

      It was OK, not great, on windows 7 pro, ran Win 10 OK, same for Linux distros.  It works fine but not as snappy as a good “modern” laptop.

      Cloning the existing drive to another is pretty easy if you have a utility with a decent, understandable GUI.  With a blank new drive, even easier since you won’t be presented with questions about what to do with what’s on the drive.  It’s always easier to clone to an equal sized or larger drive, sometimes going smaller can be confusing process, not something a newbie wants to wade through.

      Probably the simplest to understand interface is easeUS todo, the free version


      There are many similar; acronis, macrium, paragon.  I use clonezilla but you probably don’t want to, it has a 1990’s style GUI and somewhat cryptic prompts.

      The good thing about a SSD is you can always move it to another device, and it will still be fast, if your project isn’t what you expected.  Moving the laptop’s HDD is pointless, too slow.

      We have six or so of theseADATA SU800’s in one and two TB sizes.  Reliable, fast as any, go on sale often and later on will move to anything with sata.   Here’s a 1 TB version


      Good luck, it’s fun to have a playwith laptop.  That’s how I learned Linux.  Install, mess it up, uninstall, try again, over and over.  No biggie if that’s all the laptop’s for.


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