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    For those of you holding on Win10 v1703 and looking at it’s EOL in October 2018, here is some information on upgrading to v1709 using an ISO. Hopefully, you downloaded the 1709 ISO before v1803 was released. For those not so lucky, maybe a friend of yours has a copy.  There are several other methods mentioned on this site.

    The ISO I used was downloaded in the latter half of March 2018. The Installation was Win10 v1709 Build 16299.125. This was released December 12, 2017, before the Meltdown/Specter craziness, so it probably bypasses all the resulting problems created by the 2018 patches.

    • Burn the ISO to a DVD or USB drive. Do not boot off the DVD/USB.
    • Open Win10 v1703 on the device you want to upgrade.
    • Disconnect from the Internet. (The install will try to download and install updates in the process. You have disconnected from the Internet to prevent this.)
    • Open Explorer and switch to the DVD/USB.
    • Locate setup.exe and double click on it to run setup.
    • The Windows splash screen appears – Preparing.
    • Options appear: “Download and install updates” Choose “Not right now” (you are disconnected from the Internet AND you want to choose which updates you get eventually).
    • “Getting a few things Ready”. (Don’t you just love MS comments)
    • Offer again to download from the Internet. Choose “use older installation files.”
    • Agree to the ULA
    • Checking for updates (AGAIN!! Not connected – let it run)
    • Ready to install: Install Windows
      Choose “Keep personal files and apps.”
      (If you want to keep only personal files, or keep nothing, click on “Choose what to keep.”)
    • Getting updates (AGAIN – not connected, let it run)
    • Installing – this will take a while. Wait for it. Several restarts.

    Mine came up with all the icons in the same place. You need to go through ALL your settings BEFORE you go online. Some terminology has changed and some of the choices are different. Check the Settings App, Group Policy, Registry, Services, Control Panel. Be sure you are on Metered connections and have wushowhide handy.

    You will be updating from Dec, 2017 to current – be careful.

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      You will be updating from Dec, 2017 to current – be careful.

      Excellent Post from @pkcano, once more, and quite timely as well. When “Careful” is definitely the operative word. The 1803 update is a cunning tenacious one this time round and its easy get caught, and its not waiting until you have installed any other updates presented for download/install, what’s more in many cases; You need to be vigilant should you get anything like these occurring:
      I had to immediately “swing in to action” blocking/hiding the update, disconnecting the download, then Reboot. Delve on to the C:\ drive and look for the “Hidden” files MSOCACHE~ something like that, it’ll be hidden at the top of the files/folders list on C:\ Delete it and you should be fine. Once its hidden (the update) it shouldn’t bother you again although I have seen it resume downloading on a couple of 1709 Machines, 1709 Home Machines are going to have the biggest struggle, Pro and upwards GPOL takes care of it, or gives you some breathing space. There’s ways and scripts for dealing with that in here and out on the Web, but I am not going to go into that as I am not a big fan of intervention in WUD, unless backed in to a corner. 🙁 in which case deleting the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Data Store\DataStore.edb resets the list of updates but more often that not it can or will restart it again and/or attempt to redownload the other updates again. If you do end up intervening in WUD then WUMT (Windows Update Mini Tool) is a great alternative I use it on my 1709 Home version, along with Metered connection, see link above, its either the 1803 upgrade is in stealth mode or WUMT doesent always display the info correctly, but no problems so far YET!

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        You might want to consider adding to the recommendations running setup.exe from the command-line as administrator and using few switches to enforce as much as possible the retention of the older settings or not creating an additional recovery partition.
        I used something like
        setup.exe /dynamicupdate disable /resizerecoverypartition disable /showoobe full /telemetry disable
        when installing 1803, but I believe all switches function in any recent releases of Windows 10.

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