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  • USB Connections keep disconnecting

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    There’s a tone when one of my USB drives connects or disconnects…and it is constantly doing one or the other,

    Is there a way I can set my USB drives to “always on”


    Chuck Billow

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      Have you tried other USB ports ? Maybe a USB hub ?

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      The first thing I would eliminate (by replacement) is the USB cable in case it’s failing… as they sometimes do over time.

      Next I would try a different port as @Alex5723 suggested.

    • #2396754

      Yeah like Alex5723 says try a new port in the same computer. Sometimes a device will stop working in the same port, but it will work perfectly fine with a different computer.

      USB connectors have a good long but limited lifespan, but sometimes they wear out or the soldered connections get loose. Try using another USB device in the same port to see if Windows continually cycles through connecting and disconnecting notifications.

      The flash drive or the USB to SATA adapter inside the external hard drive case could become unreliable as another plausible cause.

      Another last thing, Windows 10 could also not be acting right but usually it has been stable with USB so far…

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      Perhaps you could check event viewer for a reason for the disconnection? There I’m going here is that if you connected two USB caddies powered by the interface rather than a power supply, you could overtop the current limit on some USB interfaces, causing the polyfuse to open removing interface power for a second and returning while current remains low (spinning down the drive). With a spinning platters drive that problem point would be when the disk is spinning up and the actuator coil is pulsed to unlock the head from its retention mechanism so with two drives they could end up in a sort of electronic boxing match…

      That is to say there is a logical reason the action suggested by Alex5723 could actually fix the problem – detail right hand of

      For specific values and detail as to if value is per port, or port pair, you may need to check the motherboard manual.

      I guess the other crazy thing to ask is you don’t have USB speakers do you?!

      And finally – if your drive(s) came with a USB “Y” cable – you are using that with the plugs in ports not in the same pairs (same reasoning)? Of course the alternative as given is to try a USB hub which has a supplemental PSU..


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      OK thanks guys…I’ll check the hub and cables.

      Chuck Billow

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        Is the disconnecting USB device powered or takes power from your USB port ?

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      Not sure what kind of USB we’re talking about here but assume the standard kind.  Now if this situation was to happen on a new ultra-thin laptop that has only one Micro-smart-do everything USB port, you have a real problem.

      If it ain't broke, it soon will be, so be prepared.

      • #2399367

        I think Charlie has it exactly right…   so for my little camera and android pad I’m using one of those magnetic USB cables with tips that can be changed – the tip stays ‘always in’ and the cable comes and goes.   Might not work too well for a smartphone but pretty well with what I’m doing…  (Apple had one thing right)

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